Consecutive interpreting by Way2Global is essential for ensuring smooth, effective communication in meetings, conferences and negotiations, where mutual understanding is critical to successful interactions.

This type of interpreting is distinguished by its organizational simplicity: Unlike simultaneous interpreting, it generally does not require specific technical equipment, other than a microphone in very large rooms or one with many participants.

The quality of our service is assured by the professionalism of the interpreters we select, who are specialized in the various relevant fields. This ensures not only an accurate language translation, but also a deep understanding of the topics covered.

Way2Global is committed to making support of its professionals available in a timely manner, offering reliable, high-quality services for all kinds of needs.

Way2Global’s consecutive interpreting

With more than 30 years of experience, Way2Global offers excellent consecutive interpreting services, covering every industry and every language combination globally.

Our services include events that are:

  • Unilateral – such as press conferences or congresses, where the interpreter translates the speaker’s discourse for a listening audience
  • Bilateral – such as meetings or business negotiations, where the interpreter facilitates dialog between the parties, also acting as a cultural mediator, as well as a linguistic one.

Each interpreting project is managed by experienced Project Managers who provide the client with personalized assistance, identifying the most suitable interpreter for each specific occasion and ensuring ongoing support at every stage of the service.

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Rely on us for flawless interpreting

Our translation agency is distinguished by excellent consecutive interpreting services, which offer our clients three main advantages:

  • Professional Quality – We have a team of highly specialized interpreters, experts in the sector and trained to handle every linguistic and cultural nuance. This ensures accurate, reliable translation and faithful transposition of each speaker’s original meaning and intent.
  • Personalized service – We thoroughly study the specific needs of our clients, and are committed to proposing the most effective solution every time. Whether it is a corporate meeting, an international conference, or a medical or legal industry event, we provide a tailor-made solution that perfectly meets our clients’ communication needs.
  • Comprehensive management – We offer comprehensive logistical management of consecutive interpreting, ensuring the availability of interpreters at crucial times and providing ongoing support to promptly respond to any need, not only during the event, but prior to it and afterwards.

These pillars of our service ensure a superior interpreting experience that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Contact us to find out how we can meet your interpreting needs with impeccable personalized service.

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