Unilateral and bilateral consecutive interpreting services


Consecutive interpreting is an alternative to a simultaneous interpreting and all the soundproof booths, microphone systems and other technical equipment that service involves.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter takes notes during a speech using special symbols before translating the message into another language for the audience, once the speaker has finished. Consecutive interpreting is performed at intervals of five to ten minutes, with the speaker and interpreter alternating as the main points of the speech are translated into the target language.

Consecutive interpreting requires no technical equipment apart from a microphone for the interpreter if the service is being performed in a large space and/or in front of a large crowd. As such, it’s much simpler to organize a consecutive interpreting service.

Besides being an alternative to simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting services create a more direct connection between the speaker, the audience and the interpreter, making it the ideal interpreting solution for short events with just one or a few speakers who will speak one after the other.

A single interpreter will suffice for consecutive interpreting services, often for no more than a half day.

That said, unlike the instant nature of simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting inevitably doubles the time of the event due to the alternation between the speaker and the interpreter, who has to repeat each segment in the target language.

Way2Global can handle all your consecutive interpreting needs in any language and no matter the subject. Our large network of native-speaker interpreters enables us to cover all sectors and language combinations around the world, including:

  • unilateral consecutive interpreting for events such as press conferences or other addresses where the interpreter translates the speakers’ words for the audience;
  • bilateral consecutive interpreting for meetings and commercial contract negotiations, where the interpreter translates for both parties involved in the discussion, serving as a linguistic and also cultural mediator.

So for an impeccable consecutive translation service, place your trust in our translation agency – we’re the ideal partner for breaking down barriers and bringing people together.

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