We are a Milan-based translation agency with 30 years of experience, over 600 million words translated and a Benefit ethos. We enhance companies’ content and communication across borders, generating a positive social and environmental impact.

We offer the full range of services provided by our type of agency, while striving to deliver value to our employees, translators and customers, as well as to the wider community and surrounding environment.

Our services:

  • translation
  • localization
  • interpreting
  • internationalization
  • sworn translation
  • transcreation

and all other customized language solutions cover all languages and any language combination.

Our agency operates from its head office in Milan, but has a worldwide presence thanks to a network of correspondent offices located in the world’s main business capitals (Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and Shenzhen) and a network of certified translators operating in their respective countries of origin.

From Milan, we coordinate the best professionals in the international industry and use the most advanced technology to ensure high-quality translations guaranteed by triple ISO EN 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certification. We ensure prompt delivery and cover every time zone.

For us, being a translation agency means more than just transposing words and documents into a different language. Our “translations that unite” convey messages to mediate culture, so that two people, two companies or two institutions from different parts of the world can understand each other and communicate.

Enabling communication and building bridges between people who speak different languages is a key driver for building understanding, prosperity and a more inclusive, fair and sustainable future for society as a whole. For us, facilitating communication means promoting the exchange of products and services, as well as the circulation of ideas, information and expertise in a totally open manner. This is the meaning of our slogan “Beyond borders for a better world”, which perfectly encapsulates the vision of our agency in Milan.

Our decision to start off as a Società Benefit and therefore to achieve B Corp Certification was rooted in this desire to build a better world. We believe that it is possible and necessary to conduct business by acting sustainably toward all our stakeholders, the community and the environment.

We do so by focusing on our four major projects in Milan:

  • Green Translations – the world’s first decarbonized translation service that exemplifies our green practices, builds sustainable supply chains and has recently enabled us to become a climate-positive agency;
  • Language Industry 4.0 – our commitment to promoting digital transition as a tool for women’s empowerment;
  • Way2Academy – our Open Education activities to train and retrain the translator community, especially targeted at young people and women;
  • Made in B Italy – our governance commitment to promoting the innovative all-Italian Società Benefit business model around the world.

Providing our services with professionalism and respect for those around us and sharing the value we generate with all stakeholders are the two hallmarks that make us the ideal language partner for all those who are looking for a translation agency in Milan and who value sustainability.


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