30 years of experience, over 600 million words translated, and a Benefit ethos: This is Way2Global.

For more than 30 years, our translation agency has been enhancing companies’ content and communication across borders by applying the Benefit Corporation philosophy — sharing value with all stakeholders to generate positive social and environmental impact.

We operate from our head office in Milan and our network of correspondent offices in Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, and Shenzhen. Thanks to a network of 8.604 professional translators qualified according to our strict accreditation procedures, we can offer our language services in all languages to cover the globe.

Our services

Our translation agency covers the full range of language services:

  • Translation
  • Localization
  • Interpreting
  • Sworn translation
  • Certified translation
  • Transcreation

Through our network of specialized professionals, we support companies operating in the most demanding and regulated vertical sectors such as Finance, Medical, Legal, Technical, Fashion & Luxury, Design and Marketing with our professional translations.

We translate documents of all kinds into all the world’s languages, from financial statements to sustainability reports, leaflets, IFUs, KIIDs, reports, technical manuals, product sheets, catalogues and press releases.

We mainly provide translations into English, French and Spanish, but also into Chinese, Arabic and Korean. No language is excluded.

Our translations

Whether dealing with financial, medical, technical or legal translations, the hallmarks of our service remain the same: quality, flexibility and timeliness.

The quality of our translations is guaranteed by three ISO certifications and the highly specialized profiles of our team’s professionals. Our translation projects follow a rigorous, structured process starting with identification of the most suitable translators to work on each individual project and ending with multiple quality checks on the final translation. The entire process is managed by specialized project managers who are experienced in managing professional translation projects.

The flexibility of our translations is linked not only to the speed of business and the economy, but also to Way2Global’s characteristic dynamism. Flexibility is a hallmark of our translation agency, which is why we enthusiastically accept challenging projects where translation is combined with other, perhaps unprecedented requests that require consultancy to co-design an innovative service tailored to the customer.

Timeliness is the other characteristic of our translation service. The delivery speed of our professional translations is highly appreciated by our customers. Every day we receive requests for fast, high-quality translations. To achieve this goal, we have streamlined our internal organization by integrating technology and human labour to speed up the process while maintaining the focus on the quality of the final translation.

While quality, flexibility and timeliness are the cornerstones of our professional translations, what sets them apart is the value we generate in terms of social, environmental and governance impact.

Translations with an ESG impact

Way2Global is not only a translation agency, but also a B Corp-certified Società Benefit. This means it offers its language services while taking care of its stakeholders.

The decision to be reborn as a sustainable company was taken by our Founder & CEO, Laura Gori, who after 30 years at the helm of an internationally renowned LSP (Language Service Provider), decided to create the first translation agency to embrace the Benefit Corporation model and philosophy.

In addition to profit, we generate value in the three core areas of sustainability: community, environment and governance. We therefore conduct our business through five projects that express our identity:

  • Green Translations – the world’s first decarbonized translation service that exemplifies our green practices, builds sustainable supply chains and has recently enabled us to become a climate-positive agency, i.e. we reduce and offset more CO2 than we produce;
  • Language Industry 4.0 – our commitment to promoting digital transition as a tool for women’s empowerment that benefits female translation professionals;
  • Way2Academy – our Open Education initiative for the professional training and retraining of the linguist community, especially aimed at young people and women;
  • Made in B Italy – our governance commitment to promoting the innovative all-Italian Società Benefit business model around the world;
  • Anywhere Office – a new work organization paradigm based on integration of the classic physical office with a network of distributed, co-working and home office spaces.

Providing our services with professionalism and respect for those around us and sharing the value we generate with all stakeholders are the hallmarks that make us the ideal language partner for all who are looking for a translation agency and who value sustainability.

Our team

Way2Global is made up of professionals who are passionate about their work and share the same purpose: to promote understanding, dialogue, unity and sustainable development.

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