Ecommerce localization and translation services: digital content and marketing strategies

Ecommerce localization and translation services are an integral part of modern-day marketing and sales strategies all over the world.

The exponential growth of online shopping is allowing companies of all shapes and sizes to expand their business and export abroad more easily, while the absence of any time constraints or opening hours means sales can be increased.

For a company with global ambitions, then, translating your website, ecommerce localization and translation services are absolutely vital. According to market research from the Common Sense Advisory, 72% of clients prefer to buy products with information translated into their native language. As a result, quality ecommerce localization services can often become a more important factor than price when it comes to completing a purchase.

Ecommerce localization services:

  • Make it easier for information to be understood, increasing user confidence and resulting in a higher conversation rate
  • Optimize the customer experience, making content easy to access and consume
  • Improve brand perception around the world, showcasing care and attention to detail
  • Increase website traffic thanks to multilingual SEO
  • Ensure a competitive advantage thanks to increased traffic and optimized conversion rates

As such, ecommerce localization and translation services are crucial for any company with a website, marketplace or online store. But it’s not enough. To really push online sales, you need an ecommerce localization and translation service that uses style and a coherent tone to transpose your marketing content into the target language, taking into account all relevant local cultural factors.

The ecommerce localization and translation service encompasses all of the points listed below:

  • Translating the meaning behind the meaning and conveying your message in the most effective way possible in any language, drawing on transcreation processes
  • Changing currenciessizes and units of measurement as appropriate
  • Adapting legal information
  • Reviewing privacy regulations
  • Reviewing layouts and the way text and other content appears on the page
  • Ensuring SEO is taken into account during the process, translating metadata and considering keywords

By choosing our ecommerce localization and translation service, our clients will feel the benefit of our integrated workflow featuring translatorstranscreators and copywriters, all of whom are qualified, native-speaker professionals. Thanks to the support of SEO specialists in the target languages, we’re able to deliver content of the highest quality in all languages, boost engagement with end customers and optimize positioning and indexing online.

How many languages and which ones to choose?

When it comes to selecting languages for our ecommerce localization services, a prudent digital marketing strategy that aims to localize the content and interfaces of websites, ecommerce platforms, portals and online stores must carefully weigh up the sales potential for each product in each country.

Ecommerce localization services in English are without doubt the most effective and represent a good starting point when it comes to adapting your website for the international market. English is the lingua franca of international communication, as well as being the official language of the huge US market.

Ecommerce localization and translation in American and British English is one of our most popular services, alongside other dominant European languages like French, German, Portuguese and Spanish, which allow companies to tap into the Latin American market.

Yet when it comes to ecommerce localization and translation services, it’s important to consider the languages of the emerging Asian market, particularly Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi and Russian. Asia accounted for 61% of digital consumers in 2019, making it one of the most lucrative ecommerce markets on the planet.

If you have plenty of resource available, emerging languages like Turkish and Farsi can open the doors to new, relatively untapped markets, allowing you to position yourself as visionary pioneers.

As we’ve seen, there are myriad factors to keep in mind when it comes to ecommerce localization and translation services. That’s why putting your trust in a professional agency with ample experience and expertise is the best way to drive your business forward.

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