Medical science translations for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

Medical science translations are some of the most delicate, complex and should be entrusted to an excellent partner with the level of specialization and expertise they require.

Only a professional translation agency like ours, with its triple ISO quality certification, can guarantee the reliability, professionalism, and expertise needed to impeccably manage medical science translations.

The life sciences are one of the most heavily regulated and highly specialized sectors, and translations in these fields require not only a wide spectrum of technical and terminological knowledge but also stylistic and thematic versatility.

These texts touch on a vast range of topics, specialties, types of documents, and target audience, and they often mix technical language with arguments drawn from multiple disciplines.

The writing style must be either highly specialized, if the readers are medical experts and the scientific community, or more illustrative, if the texts are meant for the public.

Our agency’s medical science translations cover a wide variety of documents and every segment of the vast world of life sciences:

  • articles, abstracts, papers, reviews, newsletters, and contributions for medical journals and clinical/conference publications
  • technical manuals and user’s guides for medical devices
  • brochures, marketing material for publication or in-house use, websites, medical portals, and blogs
  • publishing and literature, medical books, volumes on any specific field of medicine or covering several medical science fields, and university texts
  • research protocols, preclinical development and clinical trials
  • clinical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical dossiers
  • labels, package inserts, drug packaging, and medical and nutraceutical devices
  • drug registration, legislation and regulations, drug safety documents, guidance, and standard operating procedures

The members of our team of translators and linguists specialized in the life sciences are senior professionals with the expertise, experience, and training needed to meet the specific demands of this segment:

  • highly qualified, specialized translators
  • medical writers, copywriters and editors with expertise in this sector, for a flawless scientific review
  • proofreaders for multiple checks of translated texts
  • specialists in every life science field

All the professionals involved in the work cycle operate in synergy, under the supervision of our project managers who, with a decade of experience in managing medical science texts and translations, carefully analyze the specificities of each project to assemble the best team and work cycle for each project and every client.

To support this time-tested work cycle, our Milan-based agency uses cutting-edge technologies for all our translations (translation memories and term databases, style guides, and integrated quality assurance tools) and holds specialized ongoing training courses, of which we’re particularly proud.

The terminological rigor of our medical science translations

The complex work cycle that we apply to management of medical science translations involves the utmost rigor in every stage of the process — from medical writing to formatting and final quality controls, through scientific review and editing.

Translation and localization of medical science content is managed in accordance with the nomenclature and regulations of the healthcare authorities and pharmaceutical regulators for the target markets.

In each stage of the process, the crucial pillar of our life science translation service is the terminological rigor that only a professional translation agency like ours can guarantee, thanks to our legacy of specialized expertise and vast network of carefully vetted professionals.

Our network of highly qualified consultants and professionals working in synergy with our teams of expert translators is the result of years of experience and equips us with all the interdisciplinary expertise needed for a complete medical science translation of the highest order. Our medical specialists, consultants, auditors, experts, editors, and medical writers enable us to translate any medical science text expertly and accurately, whether it relates to regulations and legislation, medical technology, web content, software applications, or clinical research.

This is how our medical science translations have gained the trust of:

  • drug makers
  • universities, research and experimental development centers, and contract research organizations
  • hospitals, healthcare operators and authorities
  • regulatory compliance advisory agencies and firms
  • drug regulators and agencies
  • manufacturers of medical devices and electro medical equipment and biotech firms
  • companies in the cosmetics sector, food supplements, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals, dietology, and paramedical products
  • publishers and the scientific divisions of multi-disciplinary publishers, digital medical science publishers

Highly specialized, with ten years of expertise, our translation agency is the ideal partner for any medical science translation and, in general, any human science translation.

Online interpreting for the medical science sector

The life science sector was one of the first to use online translation and interpreting services for conferences and webinars to ensure quick and easy continuity and connection for the scientific community around the world.

Our agency’s online interpreting services for the medical science community were developed specifically to meet the humanitarian needs of the sector and the medical science chain.

Our medical science interpreters are not only specialized and qualified for simultaneous and consecutive translations, but they are also trained to use all online interpreting platforms, from the most commonly used, such as Zoom and GoToMeeting, to the most specialized, like Interprefy.

Be it a medical conference, a webinar, a press conference, or an emergency Skype call, whatever the need may be, our project managers know the best platform to recommend and the best experts to call for an online interpreting service that knocks down the barriers of language and culture for seamless communications.

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