Technical translations are among the main language services we provide at Way2Global.

For more than 30 years, we have been making the content of companies in the industrial and technical sectors accessible worldwide through our multilingual translations.

Expertise, accuracy and speed are the hallmarks of our technical translations, making us the preferred choice of major players in the industry.

With our network of translators we cover all categories of this sector: mechanics, robotics, oil & gas and energy, industrial automation, engineering, plants and installations, and much more.

These are the documents that we translate most frequently:

  • Reference and technical specifications
  • Manuals, guides and technical instructions
  • Technical data sheets and fact sheets
  • Technical drawings
  • Software and apps
  • Technical reports
  • IT security documents

Our technical translations are done by the best native-speaking technical translators from our team of certified professionals, selected by our project managers according to the needs of each specific project. To offer the highest quality, we entrust our translations exclusively to translators who specialize in the subject matter of the document.

Our technical translations are done by native-speaking technical translators, already qualified and certified for their specialized skills, to whom our project managers carefully assign each project according to their respective specifications and needs.

With the guarantee of triple ISO EN 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certification, the rigorous translation process we adhere to includes multiple quality controls and involvement of the best experts in the field of technical translation.

Ensuring perfect technical translations at maximum speed is a challenge that we at Way2Global gladly accept.

Technical translations: We'll take care of it! Are you looking for fast, sustainable, high-quality translations? Contact us to request a quote, free of charge!

Comprehensive services beyond technical translation

At Way2Global, we offer a full range of language services that complement our technical translations. These include localization and multilingual layout, which are essential for a variety of technical needs.

Localization is crucial for adapting the content culturally and linguistically, ensuring that it resonates with the target audience, particularly those in the specific technical sector.

The multilingual layout on the other hand, is necessary when technical translations change the graphics of the original document, extending or reducing the length of the text depending on the target language.

We can also offer additional language services such as interpreting, certification, legalization and transcreation.

With more than 30 years of experience and a pool of specialized resources, we are equipped to respond promptly to absolutely any language need beyond technical translation.

Why choose Way2Global for technical translations?

Choosing Way2Global for your technical translations means placing your trust in a reliable, sustainable partner. Our service saves you time and effort, resulting in an accurate translation while indirectly helping you generate a positive ESG impact.

There are several factors that distinguish us as a reliable language service provider. Primarily, the quality of our service is confirmed by three ISO certifications. Then we customize our technical translation services to adapt to the unique needs of each client.

Every project is managed by an experienced project manager who organizes and supervises the most appropriate team of translators, reviewers and proofreaders for the specific job. This organization ensures dedicated support and tailored solutions for each client.

Speed is another hallmark of our service. Our clients appreciate our timely responses and adherence to deadlines, which are essential aspects of our technical translations.

Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced not only by our B Corp Certification and our legal form as a Benefit Corporation, but also by our daily commitment to our projects, and the awards and recognition we have received for various initiatives.

Choosing Way2Global is a guarantee of accurate, timely, sustainable technical translations.

Contact us now for a free quote.

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