Translation services in all languages are a huge part of what we do here at Way2Global.

With 30 years’ experience in the field, we have an extensive network of native-speaker professionals based all over the world, giving us the capability to translate your material to and from any language.

We cover over 50 language combinations, ranging from the most common to the rarest.

The most in-demand European languages include:

We’re also seeing strong growth in demand for non-European languages, such as:

We often deal with requests involving languages that aren’t spoken in the country in which the request is made and the service delivered (e.g. a request for an English to Chinese translation from a client based in Italy, handled by our Milan office).

Besides translating from one language to another, we often handle multilingual translation projects, where the source content needs to be translated into multiple different target languages. Our team of specialist project managers ensures that we can successfully deal with such requests.

So what sectors do we operate in? Let’s take a look!

Professional translation services

Way2Global is the ideal partner for any company requiring professional translation services.

We have decades of experience translating specialist and technical documents across a wide range of fields, with a particular focus on the sectors below:

In accordance with our ISO 17100:2015 certification, our native-speaker translators have proven experience in their chosen field, ensuring that we can deliver translations that adhere to specific terminology requirements and that reflect the cultural expectations of the target country.

Our aim is to help our clients seize opportunities wherever in the world they arise, overcoming all language and cultural barriers.

We work with clients of every size – from multinationals to SMEs – and help them enter or consolidate their position in overseas markets and form new global strategic partnerships.

As a certified Benefit Corporation, we’ve always worked hard to provide the best possible solution for our clients’ needs. We’ve developed and consolidated special rush procedures to deliver translations in record time, with terminological precision and high standards guaranteed.

How have we done all this?

By giving our clients custom service!

Custom service for our clients

Over the past 30 years, we’ve developed a working methodology that enables us to provide custom translation services to all our clients.

Every client is supported by a project manager during each phase of the work cycle – from initial consultancy to project delivery – and we constantly monitor quality and timing to guarantee impeccable service.

Depending on the document that requires translation and the sector to which it belongs, our project managers put together a custom team of individuals chosen to deliver the best possible translation service.

Each team contains all the professionals we need to execute our ISO 17100-certified workflow: translators, proofreaders, graphic designers, sector experts and more.

We choose our collaborators based on objective criteria such as academic qualifications, skills and prior experience.

In the case of translators, in addition to requiring them to meet at least one of the criteria set out in the standard (a degree in translation, or a degree in another discipline plus over two years’ full-time experience in translation, or five years’ full-time experience as a translator), Way2Global also uses a test translation process to check that new translators have the skills necessary to guarantee our current level of service.

But that’s not all! We also offer continued professional development plans for both translators and employees, to ensure our service stays up to date with new developments and changes across the sectors.

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