Translations with three-fold quality certification


At Way2Global, excellence is everything. Our translations are renowned for their quality, regardless of the language combination involved. Whether it’s a translation of a financial statement, technical manual or contract, or an interpreting assignment in the fashion sector, our team of professionals offer top-quality service across the board, from an initial evaluation of the subject matter right through to the translation itself.

To prove the standards we work to, we decided to put ourselves to the test and set the quality of our processes in stone. As a result, we’ve obtained three certifications:

  • ISO EN 9001;
  • ISO 17100:2015, which is specific to the translation sector;
  • ISO 18587:2017, for our Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT) services.

These three different certifications guarantee the quality of our work in every regard.

ISO EN 9001:2015 certification evaluates the efficacy and efficiency of working processes, focusing on the importance of offering value to the end client. The standard covers all global industries and was the first certification obtained by Way2Global after our launch as a spin-off company from Trans-Edit Group, whose long-held values we continue to promote to this day: continuous improvement in performance, engagement with all stakeholders, close monitoring of workflows and a particular focus on our target market.

ISO 17100:2015 certification, meanwhile, is specific to language service providers (companies providing translation and other language services) and focuses on the specific phases in the translation process.Our dedicated project managers play a fundamental role in all this. Their work is vital when it comes to building a relationship with a client and providing professional support. This takes place throughout the translation process, from the pre-production phase right through to collection of feedback to ensure we can improve and tailor our services to fit each client. The certification also requires a revision stage by a second linguist and includes stages for optional review (revision by a linguist specializing in the sector and language into which the document has been translated) and proofreading (checking the draft translations), with the aim of guaranteeing the quality of the end product.

Finally, the newest achievement for 2019 is ISO 18585:2017 certification, which regulates Post-Editing Machine Translation (PEMT) services. Given the growing demand for machine translation, which can reduce translation times and costs, PEMT services are a vital factor in maintaining the quality of the language services we provide. Way2Global is one of the first language service providers to offer a PEMT service guaranteed by ISO 18587 certification.

Thanks to our three-fold quality certification, successful workflow and the confidence that comes from using a guaranteed translation service, Way2Global really is the right choice for anyone looking for excellence.


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