Document translation is the main service offered by our translation agency. For over 30 years we have been providing our translations to customers in the most demanding and regulated industries: financial, legal, medical, technical, fashion, luxury and design.

The documents we translate differ in length, subject matter, language, and tone of voice, but the key to ensuring consistently precise and accurate document translation lies in our work cycle and the professionalism of our network of 8,604 qualified translators and linguists, covering every country in the world.

In accordance with current standards in our industry (ISO 17100), we work with translators and linguists who meet all the requirements for professional-quality translations. The most important of these is specialization in the field of expertise, a requirement that sets all Way2Global-qualified translators and linguists apart.

Translating financial documents

Translation of financial documents has always been our translation agency’s core business. Many types of documents fall under this umbrella, but the most commonly requested are translations of:

  • financial statements
  • sustainability reports
  • KIIDs and prospectuses
  • financial analysis, reports and commentary
  • policies
  • transfer pricing

The dominant language in finance is English, but there are plenty of requests to translate financial documents into other languages, which is entirely feasible for us at Way2Global given the international coverage of our human resources.

Translating legal documents

Translation of legal documents is another important part of our business, fuelled by strong demand for sworn and legalization services. In this case, too, we can handle any type of document, translating mainly:

  • contracts
  • Organizational Models or 231 Models
  • regulations
  • patents
  • certificates
  • feasibility studies

Thanks to our certified translators, we provide a complete service, from translation to legalization of the translation, as we aim to anticipate and meet each and every customer’s needs.

Translating medical documents

Medical document translation is one of the key areas in language services. This is why we have a pool of qualified staff to handle any type of scientific medical document. The most commonly requested documents include:

  • information leaflets
  • instructions for use or IFUs
  • manuals for medical devices
  • reports and medical records

Translating medical documents is an extremely delicate process due to its potential impact on people’s health. That is why life science professionals and institutions choose to rely on a certified translation agency like us.

Translating technical documents

The translation of technical documents across a wide range of sectors, from construction to chemistry, mechanics and IT, is another important part of the projects we handle every day. In this area, too, our project teams are comprised of translators and linguists with expertise in the relevant subject matter to ensure professional translation of any technical document. These are some of the most requested:

  • technical manuals
  • guides
  • AutoCAD drawings
  • data sheets
  • safety and product data sheets (SDS, MSDS)

In the technical sector, ensuring a translation that faithfully respects the original avoids operational setbacks, but requires adaptation to the specific cultural characteristics of each language. This complex but essential process is a daily routine for us at Way2Global, where excellence in professional translation meets the needs of a demanding clientele.

Translating marketing documents

Translation of marketing documents is a service required by all companies and professionals from various sectors. This area also requires translation of a wide variety of documents. These are some of the most requested:

  • catalogues
  • brochures and flyers
  • press releases
  • training courses

In marketing translation, our work methodology combines the accuracy of translation with the creativity of copywriters, resulting in new content that is faithful to the original. Thanks to the skill and creativity of our marketing translation experts, we enhance our customers’ materials and ensure their international visibility.

Why choose Way2Global to translate your documents

Choosing our translation services means you can count on excellent results underpinned by 30 years of experience and quality-certified work.

The quality of our translations is guaranteed by three certifications: ISO EN 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587. This means that our translators and linguists are all native speakers who are experts in the subject matter being translated, that we comply with the official terminology of the relevant bodies and institutions in each sector, and that we perform multiple checks on the translation to ensure its accuracy in terms of content and form.

The speed of our translations, which is essential in a world that requires real-time communication and responses, is matched by the quality and accuracy of our services.

However, at Way2Global, translations are also synonymous with sustainability. As a Benefit Corporation and certified B Corp, we have designed our services to positively impact our stakeholders, society and the environment. Our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability, which we pursue through our own projects, makes us the ideal partner for all who are committed to building value chains.

Translating your documents with Way2Global is a guarantee of professionalism, quality and sustainability.

Contact us to find out how we can support your global success.

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