For over 30 years, Way2Global has been synonymous with reliability and professionalism in interpreting, offering solutions tailored to different language needs. We work with companies, public bodies and associations to improve their communication at all kinds of international events.

Through our network of over 200 professional interpreters, we optimize the success of foreign language events in any sector and on any scale, such as:

  • Conventions, congresses and conferences
  • Company meetings and business events
  • Trade fairs and business negotiations
  • Press conferences and interviews
  • Lectures and keynote speeches

Our passion for languages and cultures drives us to offer accurate and efficient interpreting services that overcome language barriers to facilitate global communication.

All types of interpreting

Way2Global offers different types of interpreting to meet any customer’s needs:

  • Simultaneous interpreting – ideal for international conferences, workshops and conventions that require real-time communication.
  • Liaison interpreting – for business meetings and negotiations, where facilitating complex discussions helps reach mutually satisfactory agreements.
  • Consecutive interpreting – for smaller meetings such as training sessions or one-on-one meetings, where we ensure accuracy and clarity by translating speeches or interviews after the speaker has talked.
  • Whispered interpreting – for informal or confidential situations where discreet, real-time translation is required.
  • Online interpreting – for virtual events such as corporate video conferences or webinars, ensuring smooth communication on any virtual platform.

Regardless of the method and type of service, our aim is to overcome language and cultural barriers, guaranteeing impeccable service, both in person and remotely.

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Why choose Way2Global for interpreting?

Quality, speed and sustainability are the characteristics that have made us our customers’ preferred partner over the years.

Certified quality – Our excellence is confirmed by three ISO certifications, which attest to our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the language services sector. This approach to quality ensures reliability and maximum customer satisfaction.

Speed – With over 30 years of experience in the field, we guarantee interpreting services handled with the utmost efficiency, promptly responding to even the most complex and urgent requests.

Sustainability – As a Società Benefit, we integrate sustainability into every aspect of our work. The value generated by our interpreting services contributes to development of projects with a positive impact on the community and the environment.

Choosing our interpreting service is the right decision for anyone looking for excellent, sustainable service.

We firmly believe that sustainability governance is crucial for building a regenerative economy and improving the world for future generations.

By choosing our interpreting services, you are opting for a partner that not only excels in its field, but actively promotes a more sustainable future.

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We provide over 200 days of interpreting per year. Why are we our customers’ first choice? The answer lies in the characteristics of our service: quality, speed and sustainability.

Quality is guaranteed by three ISO certifications and the professionalism of our network of qualified interpreters. Speed is ensured by the way work is organized internally, which provides for an urgency procedure when deadlines are tight. Last but not least, sustainability is connected to our Benefit ethos: The value generated by interpreting jobs is shared with our stakeholders (customers, employees, translators, the community and the environment) in various ways, including implementation of our signature projects.


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