Multilingual interpreting services: every language covered


Our multilingual interpreting services are delivered by our team of professional multilingual interpreters, allowing us to meet the needs of any client regardless of the sector in which they operate. No matter the language combination or event in question, Way2Global has the ideal solution to guarantee its clients a quality multilingual interpreting service that will help them transcend borders.

As part of our multilingual interpreting service, we assign a dedicated project manager responsible for coordinating multilingual interpreting services during the event, provide personalized consultation regarding the most appropriate technique for the specific event and oversee any additional requirements, such as equipment or system rental.

Our multilingual interpreting services can take various different forms:

  • One of our most popular services, simultaneous multilingual interpreting is usually chosen for conferences, conventions and seminarsPositioned in a soundproof booth, the multilingual interpreter simultaneously translates the words of the speaker, while the public listen to the translation in real time on headphones. At the request of the client, Way2Global can also supply any equipment necessary, including booths, multilingual interpreting systems, headphones and technical assistance.
  • Consecutive multilingual interpretating sees a translator convey the content of a speech once the speaker has finished. In this case, the process does not occur simultaneously. Instead, the multilingual interpreter takes notes on the speech before translating it for the benefit of the audience a few minutes later. Unlike simultaneous, consecutive does not require any special equipment, but it does mean that events last longer.
  • Chuchotage — from the French word chuchoter, which means to whisper — is a technique whereby the multilingual interpreter translates the words of a speaker in real time into the ear of a listener. Chuchotage is usually chosen when the service is only required by a small group of people. The advantage is that no equipment is needed and it has no effect on the length of a speech.


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