Simultaneous interpreting from our translation agency is the perfect solution for internationalizing major live events.

Simultaneous interpreting is a type of oral translation performed by an interpreter in real time. It starts with the language of the speaker, then involves a time lag of a few seconds (décalage), and ends up in the language of the audience, ultimately ensuring smooth, uninterrupted communication.

With a team of professional interpreters and state-of-the-art technology, we offer a complete comprehensive, reliable and high-quality service.

Our simultaneous solutions are perfect for conferences, seminars and any event that requires immediate understanding in several languages.

Simultaneous interpreting from Way2Global

Our simultaneous interpreting covers all languages and all sectors, thanks to a network of more than 200 professional interpreters specializing in fields encompassing financial, legal, medical, technical and leisure.

For over 30 years, we have been providing simultaneous interpreting services for events on all scales such as:

  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Conventions
  • International events

With our simultaneous services we ensure clear, accurate communication, in real time, regardless of the scope of the event.

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Our simultaneous interpreting services include:

  • Professional interpreters – selected by language and event theme
  • Logistics management – handled by our project managers who preside over the interpreters’ travel, schedules and shifts
  • Technical equipment – such as headsets and bidule systems for simultaneous interpreting
  • Ongoing support during the event – if requested by the client, to oversee the quality of the service

We also offer online interpreting solutions for virtual events, ensuring the same communicative effectiveness as in-person ones.

With Way2Global, you are guaranteed perfect communication in any language for all of your events.

Way2Global at your service

Choosing Way2Global for simultaneous interpreting means relying on a team of highly qualified professionals to guarantee not only expertise, but also timely, personalized service.

Our network consists of professional interpreters with top-level training and years of experience in the field. Each work team is carefully selected to ensure the best performance at every event.

Every client at Way2Global enjoys a comprehensive assistance service, coordinated by a dedicated project manager who oversees each stage of the service with punctuality and attention.

Thanks to an agile organizational structure, Way2Global responds with timeliness to client requests, ensuring excellent results within the required time frame. Our responsiveness and speed of execution enable us to exceed our clients’ expectations, contributing to the success of major international events.

With its team of professionals, impeccable customer service and quick response time, Way2Global is the ideal partner for your simultaneous interpreting needs.

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