The best technology in the translation industry

Technology is an integral part of what we do at Way2Global. As pioneers in the sector, our company uses the most advanced translation technology and is working with a raft of partners to develop the software of tomorrow.

This allows us to provide our clients with exceptional processing service to support the work of our multilingual translation team, thus drastically reducing translation delivery times and ensuring a competitive cost advantage.

Terminology management

Terminological accuracy is a fundamental factor in determining the quality of a translation. The use of appropriate technical and specialist language makes all the difference when it comes to tackling foreign markets.

Thanks to our CAT software, personalized glossaries created and shared with individual clients and the best web-based terminology management resources around, our partners can rest assured that we accurately use the terminology they have approved for all types of documentation, no matter how specialized.

Workflow management

Workflow management during the translation process is an important part of guaranteeing the best quality on the market. Thanks to Way2Global’s online platform, clients can follow the progress of each project in real time to get a constant, transparent picture of every stage of the job.

Format management

Way2Global has its own internal Desktop Publishing department. The department is a massive asset to us and allows us to manage and process any document or format type under one roof.

Thanks to this approach, we can coordinate different departments, improve project timescales and at the same time guarantee constant total cooperation that positively influences the final translation.


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