The presence of women in governance is fundamental to our translation agency. We are committed by our articles of association to guaranteeing gender quality, one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) enshrined in our business plan.

As of today, at Way2Global a generous portion of the workforce, 70% of the ownership structure and 50% of the board are women.

This choice stems from a desire to combat the gender inequality that still exists in our country and to demonstrate that the presence of women in governance is highly important today and, moreover, can unlock new potential by its very nature.

This is why we have chosen to invest in young people and women, who often face the most discrimination in the labour market, so as to harness their talent and transform their untapped potential into value for all, fuelling healthy, sustainable growth.

To monitor our path toward social sustainability, we wanted to equip ourselves with a series of specific KPIs that allow us to keep track of our ongoing improvement, as well as to adopt corporate policies, measures and practices aimed at promoting and spreading a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

Many of the actions taken in this respect are part of the corporate benefit plan developed to support professional growth and protect each employee’s work-life balance. The main existing measures include:

  • career building plans for women aimed at building female leadership;
    • the option of fully remote work for maximum work flexibility;
    • equal parental leave across genders for balanced co-parenting;
    • gradual return to work for new parents.

Finally, beyond the scope of the company, our Founder & CEO Laura Gori acts as our ambassador for promotion of awareness-raising and activism initiatives on women’s empowerment and gender equality issues.

Way2Global among the first companies certified for gender equality

By integrating gender equality into governance and promoting UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 in word and deed, we were one of the first Italian companies to achieve UNI PdR 125 Gender Equality Certification, which we then helped disseminate through our testimony.

To achieve this, we followed the guidelines of the standard, which required us to:

  • Set up a steering committee to monitor the progress of the gender equality management system, and take improvement action where necessary;
  • Adopt new KPIs to complement previous ones. They aim to measure the percentage of women in the workforce in relation to the industry average, for example, and the percentage of training hours over total hours worked as a breakdown and comparative figure by gender.
  • Optimize existing actions and measures – At Way2Global, evolution is continuous and fast, which is why we sometimes anticipate new developments before aligning our processes. We therefore took the opportunity to update the procedures that constitute the documentary framework of our certification systems so that they faithfully reflect what we already have in place.
  • Draw up a Gender Equality Strategic Plan, the main tool for planning, managing and monitoring the actions implemented by the company to ensure real gender equality.

It took time and energy, but we are pleased to have successfully achieved UNI PdR 125 Certification, which we are now committed to sharing and disseminating, including at the institutional level.

As always, we not only consider this an achievement, but as a starting point that provides new incentives to continue working and further raise the bar of Gender Equality in the Italian economy.

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