Certified translation is one of the services we have been providing for more than 30 years to ensure the compliance and international validity of sensitive documents such as birth certificates, academic qualifications, legal documents and business contracts.

These translations are essential to ensure that the content remains faithful to the original and is accepted as authentic by foreign authorities. Our certified translations attest to the accuracy and reliability of the information, facilitating international recognition of official documents.

The process we follow to provide certified translations is rigorous and detail-oriented. We entrust every document to specialized translators who draw on their professionalism to ensure a faithful translation, preserving the style, tone and consistency of the original document. Following translation, the document undergoes multiple checking stages (revision & proofreading) to eliminate errors and oversights.

The translation is certified when the translator, in their capacity as a qualified professional, signs and stamps it, accompanying the document with a declaration that it corresponds to the original.

It is important to note that the validity of certified translations varies from country to country, and often has less legal value than sworn translations. However, it is a fast, effective solution for translation of certificates, diplomas, degree certificates, résumés, reference letters, and certificates of registration with professional associations or orders, providing a reliable option for less formal but still important requirements.

Certified translation at Way2Global

Thirty years of experience in the language services industry makes Way2Global the ideal partner to provide high-quality certified translations.

Our network comprises more than 6,000 professionals, including translators and linguists experienced in the legal field, to whom we entrust the translation of legal documents such as certificates and contracts. We exclusively work with professional translators who are specialized in law and have a proven track record in certified translations, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality through strict non-disclosure agreements.

Our work process includes strict quality checks by experienced proofreaders and reviewers, further guaranteeing the high quality standard of our translations. Moreover, our three ISO certifications are further proof of the quality of our certified translation service.

With more than 600 satisfied customers, Way2Global is the right choice for anyone looking for outstanding certified translation services. Would you like to be next? Contact us for a customized quote.

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