Specialist interpreting services for business negotiations


Our liaison interpreting service responds to the demands of an increasingly open and global labour market, where the need to communicate and interact with people who don’t speak our language is becoming more and more commonplace.

In liaison interpreting, the interpreter serves as a linguistic and cultural mediator within a small group of participants ranging from a minimum of two to a maximum of five or six people.

The constant back and forth between participants in such meetings means that other forms of interpreting, such as simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, are impossible. Instead, these occasions require a custom solution, such as liaison interpreting. A good liaison interpreter must have:

  • great language skills, though ability as a cultural mediator is just as important
  • in-depth knowledge of the relevant field
  • strong communication skills
  • impeccable precision in terminology
  • an ability to handle urgent requests
  • an ability to adapt to the flow of the conversation – whether the participants are discussing technical information with highly specialized jargon or having a more informal exchange using day-to-day language, the interpreter must be able to adapt quickly and naturally, considering nuances in terms of style, subject and background
  • soft skills enabling the interpreter to become another member of the team, understand and empathize with the client’s objectives and expectations and help them to achieve a successful result
  • completed all the necessary technical preparation in advance of the event to ensure that they can do the best possible job, whether working alone or as part of a team

All of our specialist liaison interpreters share these characteristics – and that’s how we ensure we provide our clients with the best possible service.

Our liaison and business interpreting solutions guarantee our clients quality translations that are made to measure for any requirement:

  • Meetings and B2B events
  • Commercial meetings and negotiations
  • Delegations and corporate visits
  • Entrepreneurial missions
  • Trade fairs
  • Other

Regardless of the occasion or language combination, our native speaker interpreters will add value through our liaison interpreting service, drawing on advanced linguistic abilities combined with extensive knowledge of and expertise in a range of business sectors.

Given that it requires no specific equipment or logistics, a liaison interpreting assignment can be booked with just a few days’ notice. Thanks to our vast network of interpreters based across the world, our translation agency can supply you with the best professionals no matter where you need them, handling niche requirements or ongoing assignments with ease.

And of course, throughout all of this, we guarantee absolute confidentiality. All of our interpreters sign non-disclosure agreements before every assignment, to give our clients have the security and assurances they need.

Way2Global’s experience and professionalism make us the ideal partner to handle your liaison interpreting requirements and contribute to your global business success.

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