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Laura Gori

Founder and CEO

Laura founded Way2Global in 2017, after 30 years at the helm of her first creation, another small multinational which became one of the top 100 localization companies in the world.

A champion of the revolutionary Benefit Corporation movement and a big believer in the civil economy, Laura decided to set up a new company as a Benefit Corporation, with the aim of striving for positive impacts for the society and environment as well as profit.

The proud founder of the world’s first language service provider to be set up as a certified Benefit Corporation, Laura has become a standard bearer of this new sustainable business approach, helping to promote the Benefit Corporation movement within the language industry.

She is an active member of many female representation associations (B Women Italy/Women 4 Solutions, 100 Donne per Tutte, Inspiring 50 Italy, Inclusione Donna, Unstoppable Women, GammaDonna and more) and seizes every chance she gets to promote female empowerment, using tech and AI as vehicles to achieve this.

Laura is always coming up with and supporting new initiatives, measures and action designed to promote female employment and entrepreneurship.

She has degrees in Linguistic Mediation from the Altiero Spinelli School of Interpreting and Translation in Milan and in Languages and Foreign Literature from IULMN in Milan.