24 April 2019

Financial Post-Editing Bootcamp

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Way2Global’s training programme continues with a new course on post-editing machine translation (PEMT) in the financial sector, aimed at translators and other collaborators

Post-editing machine translation (PEMT) in the financial sector was the topic of the latest instalment in Way2Global’s training programme, with translators, linguists and other collaborators all coming together for a series of professional development sessions.

The course – which featured five sessions taking place over March and April – shed light on new frontiers in machine translation technology, as well as looking back at its history and identifying the huge progress over time. There was also a chance to focus on methodologies and applications. The course wrapped up with two practical workshops that gave translators hands-on experience of how effective the technology is.

The sessions were delivered by Gabriele Galati and Hellmut Riediger, experts in the field who teach at the Altiero Spinelli School of Interpreting and Translation in Milan. The course was organized as part of Way2Global’s commitment to its benefit corporation principles, promoting open innovation, technology transfer and skill building. As such, the programme was open to Way2Global’s entire community of translators, who were able to follow the sessions online as interactive e-learning.

The cutting-edge course was unlike any other delivered thus far in Europe. All of the sessions were recorded and turned into webinars, so that they could later be watched free of charge by other Way2Global translators, as part of an approach centred on knowledge sharing and user empowerment.

This enriching experience is a source of great pride for our company, in that it makes a tangible, collaborative contribution to developing the professionals who represent – and will continue to represent – the beating heart of the language industry.



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