Transcription services to turn speech into the written word


The transcription services our translation agency provides are among our most popular multilingual services. Why? Because they’re an integral part of the workflow in multimedia translation, now a huge focus area for marketing and communications clients.

Transcription services convert speech from an audio or video file into a written text file in any format required by the client.

When we talk about transcription services, we’re actually referring to two different activities, which involve different processes and deliver very different results.

Literal transcription is the simple transcription of an audio/video file into writing, with no editing or polishing done on the resulting text. The result is a document that faithfully reflects the original – but it often makes for a text that is hard to read and packed with grammatical errors, mistakes and repetitions.

Professional transcription, on the other hand, involves reworking of the rough text once the initial transcription process is over. The text is edited and polished in terms of grammar, with all mistakes and inaccuracies removed, to ensure that it reads perfectly and can be used as a written document. The result stays true to the original in regard to the meaning and content of the audio/video file, but lacks all of the imperfections in form and syntax that are typically found in speech.

The literal and professional transcription services offered by Way2Global include:

  • Monolingual transcription: simply converting speech into text, with no translation between different languages
  • Bilingual transcription: once the audio/video file has been transcribed, the text is then translated into the target language, with the option to deliver a file with the text in both languages or solely in the target language.

In addition to the transcription services mentioned above, our translation agency also provides supplementary services such as production of summaries, highlights and takeaways. This service is especially relevant in the conference sector and for things like memos and technical advice.

To guarantee the best possible service, we work with native-speaker professionals who have been selected for their superior skills and can accommodate any kind of request with speed and quality.

Our transcription linguists are supported by a wide network of native-speaker translators, who are available to translate transcribed texts into one or more languages, while a stringent proofreading process ensures maximum accuracy.

Our experts in different market sectors are monitored by our dedicated project managers, ensuring that we can deliver impeccable transcriptions and translations to suit any requirement.

Moreover, our in-house graphic design team can work with all audio and video formats, allowing us to provide our clients with fully formatted documents in their desired format.

Our combination of the best people and the most advanced technology means we’re able to deliver transcription services of the highest quality, with unrivaled pricing and deadlines.

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