Revision and proofreading are essential services that we provide to ensure the quality of our translations. Professional translation involves meticulous attention to every detail. Our expert linguists carefully check words, sentences and punctuation, guaranteeing strict inspection of every text.

Although revision and proofreading are both review processes performed on the translated text, they are not synonymous and have distinct purposes.

Revision focuses on the translation content, checking the accuracy of the translated text and correcting any accidental errors or ambiguities. This is a crucial step to ensure that the final message is accurate and true to the original.

Proofreading, on the other hand, focuses on the form of the translation. Its purpose is to check that the text does not contain any grammatical errors or typos, ensuring a consistent, uniform, clear result.

Revision and proofreading are key steps to ensure flawless translations. These processes not only eliminate errors, but also guarantee that the translation is adapted to the cultural and linguistic context of the target audience for effective, impactful communication.

Revision and proofreading are therefore indispensable investments for producing translations that are accurate down to the last detail, and that reflect the original with fidelity and attention to the context.

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