21 January 2019

“Writing for the internet” training course

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New Way2Global training course on digital writing for employees and translators

After the success of our first creative writing course, Way2Global kicked off 2019 with a new cycle of sessions focused on writing for the internet, taking place on 21 and 30 January and 4 February.

The sessions were coordinated by Piero Babudro, a teacher at the IED in Milan and the University of Udine and an expert in digital communication and storytelling, as well as the author of “Manuale di scrittura digitale creativa e consapevole” [Creative and aware digital writing manual]. Our employees and translators tried their hands at experiments and workshops designed to encourage them to produce informative, evocative and argumentative writing for press releases, newsletters, posts and all other types of content published on the internet.

We wanted to offer this to our translators because we’re convinced that anyone who writes content – whether that’s original content, or translations in our case – is creating something that touches or changes in some way the day of whoever reads it. Therefore, the author has an important and demanding responsibility to create well-structured content that encourages the reader to “let themselves go” and place their trust in the text.


Corso di Formazione “Scrivere per il Web”


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