25 September 2019

The results of the #RACE4CHANGE

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A cleaner Milan, satisfied competitors and informed citizens: These are the results of the eco-friendly race against plastic

On 20 September, four highly motivated teams armed with AMSA-branded gloves and bags, aboard eco-friendly transport, competed in the greenest race ever. Objective: to collect as much plastic as possible and clean up waste in Milan’s streets. Award: a cleaner city, a happier planet and a well-deserved aperitif.

The 11 start-ups involved in the initiative managed to gather 60 participants divided into 4 teams: 11 on micro-scooters, 4 in Birò electric cars, 11 on MiMoto electric motorcycles and the rest with the sole aid of their feet.

Before the eyes of the astonished residents of Milan, the anti-plastic teams scoured the areas of Moscova, Chinatown, Garibaldi, the spaces adjacent to the Central Station and the Isola district and its surroundings. They covered a total of 35 km in the 4-hour race, burned 24,000 calories and filled 40 plastic bags.

Collecting bottles, correctly disposing of wastepaper and “scrounging” snacks from Grom and Panino Giusto, who offered to reward their hard work with rejuvenating ice cream and paninis, our heroes reached the end. Sweaty, bruised and a little tired, but certainly satisfied, they assembled at the starting point, Piazza Duke D’Aosta, no longer competitors, but winners.

The prize? The planet, or rather a little piece of it, but above all people’s attention. This was the real goal of the initiative, which aimed to raise awareness among Milan residents, who, despite being some of the most diligent citizens when it comes to separating waste, are responsible for 35,000 kg of waste per year.

Alongside the organizer, Wekiwi, the start-ups that took part in the #Race4Change included HomePalBiròBeMyEyeMicroMidoriMimotoQwarzoThe Digital ProjectInVento Innovation Lab, and, naturally, Way2Global, which had the highest number of participants, with over 10 staff competing in the race.

“As Marketing Manager, I firmly believe in the power of good communication. That’s exactly what #Race4Change represented: excellent and sound communication. We wanted to clean, but above all we wanted to raise people’s awareness and tell them that with small actions, even at a recreational level, we can do a great deal for the planet. I also involved my children, who, besides having a lot of fun, learned an important lesson.”
Claudio Negri, Marketing Manager at Way2Global Srl SB

“Churchill once said that ‘it is a pity to do nothing on the pretext that we cannot do everything.’ We have certainly not saved the planet, solved the problem of waste or climate change, but at least we have done something about it! And judging by the comments of people who stopped us on the street to ask about the event or simply to express admiration, I would say that we did it well. We took action and provoked a reaction: This means communicating.”
Martina Pianezzola, Junior Marketing & Communication Specialist at Way2Global Srl SB

“Those of us who are not involved in marketing or sales rarely come into direct contact with the positive-impact projects that the company carries out, unless they relate to employee benefits. The #Race4Change involved us personally: Not only has our company done something positive for the world, but it has also offered us the opportunity to concretely help.”
Flavio Lanteri, Project Manager at Way2Global Srl SB 

“Since Friday, I have been looking at the ground and I realize how much we mistreat this planet. Yet it would take so little  what prevents us from making this effort? Perhaps we’re not aware of it? “#Race4Change has made me more aware and careful. Hopefully I also managed to convey this message to all the people who saw us scampering around Milan with bags full of junk collected from the ground!”
Sofia Spertini, Project Manager at Way2Global srl SB 

For a Società Benefit and a B Corp, working also means spending the day outside the office collecting plastic. It is part of our mission and I was therefore happy that my team was one of the most numerous and above all that they were enthusiastic about doing something for the planet, together.”
Laura Gori, Founder & CEO of Way2Global Srl SB 

A challenge that was exciting and above all educational, both for the competitors and for the residents of Milan, who were unwittingly involved in a project to clean both streets and minds. The competitors returned home with aching legs, the awareness of having done something good, the joy that only collaboration can bring, and the hope that tomorrow we will all be a little more responsible and active in making small contributions toward saving our planet.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”
Mother Teresa

All of us at Way2Global would like to thank WeKiwi for organizing this excellent, fun initiative and allowing us to make our small contribution. 


I risultati della #RACE4CHANGE


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