17 March 2023

The advantages of professional translation of financial analysis

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Translation of financial analysis has definite advantages for a company seeking new growth opportunities. However, the translation must be produced in a professional manner.

Financial analysis contains extremely sensitive information that reflects the company’s financial and economic health. By consulting these documents banks, investors and shareholders can assess a company’s soundness and reliability and decide whether to proceed with an investment, and to what extent.

It goes without saying that translating such strategic documents for the future of your business requires professional support such as that of a translation agency.

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The professionalism of a translation agency’s service is guaranteed by three factors: selection of professionals, certified work cycle, and technological innovation.

A professional translation agency uses only highly qualified native translators with solid language and industry backgrounds. It is not enough to simply have a degree in translation to translate financial analysis; you also need in-depth knowledge of the financial sector.

financial translator is familiar with how markets work, current laws and regulations, accounting procedures, and specialized terminology. As in other highly regulated industries, the financial sector uses specialized jargon that is generally known only to those in the industry, and, naturally, to experienced translators.

Educational background and hands-on experience must be supplemented by a third component that makes it possible to adequately translate financial analysis: continuing education. To maintain the high quality of the final product, a translator keeps constantly abreast of new developments in both the translation world and the financial sector.

The second factor that guarantees a translation agency’s professionalism is compliance with a certified work cycle. Translation of financial analysis is not limited to the transposition of text from one language to another, but involves implementing a far more complex work cycle.

The workflow starts with evaluation of the project and a review of the contract by the project manager in charge of the job order. The latter, depending on the document, selects the most suitable professionals to form the project team and assign the job. The next stage involves translation done by the team of professionals, who are qualified and comply with all the requirements outlined above. Once translated, the financial analysis goes through several control stages: revision, proofreading and final quality control.

Revision involves the linguistic and content correction of the text by a second translator, who is also a native speaker specialised in the financial sector. Proofreading, on the other hand, consists of searching for and correcting any errors in form (typographical errors, spacing, etc.) by a third linguist. Finally, the last pre-delivery quality control is performed by the Project Manager, who is responsible for the quality of the final product.

Compliance with this structured work cycle is attested by certifications such as ISO EN 9001 and ISO 17100:2015. Translation agencies with these accreditations are certainly the most reliable in terms of quality.

The final element in translating financial analysis in a professional manner is the use of technological assistance. Dictionaries and paper-based tools have long since been replaced by dedicated programs and software that enable faster, more accurate translation. Embracing new technologies therefore demonstrates the agency’s intention to provide increasingly cutting-edge services to meet customer needs.

Specialised professionals, a certified work cycle, and the use of new technologies: These are the factors that guarantee high-quality translation, an essential requirement for enhancing communication with customers and investors.


Requesting a professional translation for your financial analysis triggers a virtuous circle that yields multiple reputational and financial benefits.

First and foremost, engaging the support of a translation agency means ensuring linguistically correct financial analyses. The presence of a grammatical error or non-specialised terminology in financial analysis is certainly not a good calling card for the issuer of the document. However, this risk is generally eliminated if you opt for the services of professional translators.

Another benefit that is often taken for granted is the more persuasive effect on the target audience due to careful transposition of the text by experienced translators. Languages are full of terms and expressions that cannot be literally translated, which is why it is best to hire a translation agency with professional linguists who can handle the transition from one language to another, selecting the best jargon to maximise the linguistic impact on the target audience.

Moreover, translating financial analysis into the native language of the recipients of the documents also facilitates consultation and understanding, demonstrating a high degree of attention to stakeholders. Making these documents available in other languages is also a sign of transparency, a value that is both appreciated and sought after by potential investors.

All these factors contribute to consolidating the relationship of trust between the company and its stakeholders, with beneficial effects that very often lead to new financing opportunities.

Translating financial analyses also enables you to raise your profile outside your network and, consequently, attract the attention of potential investors, increasing your opportunities to expand into new markets.

Opting for professional translation of financial analysis is a strategic choice that brings significant benefits in the long run. It is a far-sighted decision taken by those aiming for development that is sustainable in every respect.

If you are looking for a language partner to translate your financial analysis, choose Way2Global. For more than 30 years, we have been providing translations to major companies in the financial sector, which is our core business. We translate any document – from financial analysis to financial statements and financial analysts’ comments – into more than 50 language combinations thanks to our compliance with the three-factor rule: specialised native-speaking translators and linguists, a certified work cycle and cutting-edge technological tools.

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    Laura Gori is the Founder and CEO of Way2Global, a women-led translation agency startup with a Benefit ethos. After 30 years at the helm of a small multinational localization company, Laura decided to make a fresh start and founded Way2Global to conduct business in a way that benefits society and the environment, while promoting corporate growth. A fervent advocate of Benefit Corporations and women’s empowerment, Laura takes every opportunity to spread awareness on these issues and contribute to a fairer, more egalitarian and sustainable economy for all.
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