20 March 2023

Social report: requirements for a good translation

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The social report is a strategic document that attracts the interest of new investors, partners and customers, provided it is well translated. This requires certain conditions to be met.

Translating a social report not only makes it more accessible to stakeholders who speak another language, but also enables companies to raise their profile beyond their sphere of influence, a good starting point for expanding the business to other markets.

Given the potential benefits of publishing the social report into other languages, it is essential to have a good translation – a translation that meets certain requirements.

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Requirements for translating the social report

To ensure that it is effective and benefits the organization using it, the translation of the social report must meet three requirements: fidelity to the original text, exact transposition of technical terms, and cultural adaptation. Let’s take a closer look.

The first requirement − namely, fidelity to the original text, including tone of voice − is considered most important to those requesting translation of the social report. The social report is not merely a list of numerical data, but a complex document intended to offer an in-depth overview of the company, highlighting its values, ideals and governance, as well as its history, the activities it has engaged in, the results it has achieved in the economic, social and environmental spheres, and finally its future aspirations and goals.

It is therefore legitimate for organizations requesting the translation of their social report to ensure that the translated version conveys the same information, as well as the same look and feel as the original text. Professional translators have all the necessary skills and linguistic sensitivity to meet this reputational requirement. In addition to having a solid linguistic background and sound verticalized expertise in the financial sector, professionals who translate financial statements understand how strategic this type of document is for the company, so they know how to ensure that the translation fully reflects the style and content of the original.

The second requirement for a good translation of the social report concerns the correct transposition of specialized technical language. Like any other reporting document, the social report is also full of technicalities due to both the specific nature of the document and the organization’s area of specialization.

Identifying the most appropriate translation for each technical or specialized term in the social report is not a matter of improvisation; it requires in-depth knowledge of financial matters, businesses and, naturally, an iron grasp of the document’s source and target languages. These are all must-have characteristics in every professional translator’s profile.

Finally, the third and last requirement concerns cultural adaptation, known in the jargon as localization. Localizing a report means making the necessary changes so that the text is immediately understandable to the new target audience.

Expressions, symbols, colours, and images assume different connotations and interpretations depending on the reader’s cultural context, so any intertextual details that might not be immediate, comprehensible, or even appropriate to them must be adapted.

This is a complex task that can only be accomplished by those who have in-depth knowledge of the two target cultures, such as professional translators.

So who should you turn to for a good translation of a social report? The best solution is to contact a translation agency.

Which agency to choose for translation

It is important to carefully consider the choice of agency to which you assign the translation of your social report, since this document represents the company’s calling card in the eyes of the world and a potential driver for new growth opportunities.

When choosing a translation agency, you only need five requirements to check its compliance:

  • Experience in the translation industry. In the language industry, experience is also the bedrock of expertise. Possessing many years of experience means having translated millions of words, having built a pool of expert and trusted relationships and resources, having consolidated a work cycle and having reinvented it to incorporate innovations and market changes.
  • Specialisation in the financial sector. Translating professionally does not mean being able to translate any text. Translating a social report is very different from translating a technical manual or a leaflet. Before commissioning the job to a translation agency, it is therefore necessary to ensure that it specializes in the financial sector, i.e., that it works with a pool of resources (translators, proofreaders, and project managers) who specialize in translation of all financial documents, including social reports.
  • Quality certifications. Obtaining a high-quality translation, means receiving one compliant with ISO Certifications that attest to the validity of the professionals employed by the agency and compliance with the work cycle required by applicable regulations. Each language professional involved in the translation cycle must possess a specific set of requirements. For example, the translator must possess native-level knowledge of the language into which they are translating, boast high-level mastery of other languages, proof of their translation skills, and, preferably, direct experience in the specialist field. A financial translator must also demonstrate knowledge of the financial subject matter through specialized courses or direct experience in finance. The work cycle, on the other hand, refers to organization of the translation process according to a structured sequence of steps designed to ensure successful execution of the translation: assignment of the job to the appropriate project manager (PM), project acceptance and analysis, budgeting, selection and allocation of professionals and timelines, oversight of the translation process, revision, proofreading, layout (if required), final quality control, and client follow-up to verify client satisfaction.
  • Technological innovation. Use of new technologies (digital and artificial intelligence) that are specific to the language industry offers two advantages: high-quality translations within tight deadlines, a combination that is often appreciated by clients, and consistent terminology and style across the board in all texts drafted by the client.
  • Interest in sustainability. Who better to diligently and accurately translate a social report than an agency that cares about sustainability? After checking that the translation agency meets the technical requirements essential to obtaining an adequate translation, its commitment to sustainability should also be verified. Working with a sustainable language provider is an asset when it comes to building a sustainable supply chain, especially for those who need to translate a social report.

To obtain a good translation of the social report, it is therefore necessary to ensure that the translation agency you turn to complies with all the above requirements, as we do.

At Way2Global we have been providing translations for more than 30 years in various sectors, including finance, which is our core business. Our certified management system includes over 6,000 translators covering every country in the world and is guaranteed by three ISO certifications attesting to the quality of our language services. We are hungry for both technological and social innovation, yet this drive for continuous improvement motivates us to anticipate and embrace cutting-edge innovations, solutions, and organizational models to anticipate and drive sustainable change.

At Way2Global we believe in sustainability to such an extent that we chose to be reborn as a Società Benefit and certified B Corp. Every year we voluntarily report on the impact we generate through the Sustainability Report, and since 2023 we have also been certified under UNI PdR 125, which attests to our commitment to gender equality.

If you are looking for a social report translation service with a competent language partner who cares about sustainability, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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    Laura Gori is the Founder and CEO of Way2Global, a women-led translation agency startup with a Benefit ethos. After 30 years at the helm of a small multinational localization company, Laura decided to make a fresh start and founded Way2Global to conduct business in a way that benefits society and the environment, while promoting corporate growth. A fervent advocate of Benefit Corporations and women’s empowerment, Laura takes every opportunity to spread awareness on these issues and contribute to a fairer, more egalitarian and sustainable economy for all.
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