5 December 2018

Inspiring Fifty: Founder & CEO of Way2Global Laura Gori is recognized

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After various editions in Europe and across the world, “Inspiring Fifty” has reached Italy. This project identifies and acknowledges women leaders in business, research, and higher education who have distinguished themselves in innovation and technology.

Following an assessment of 200 candidates, a jury made up of key figures from the business world and academia selected Italy’s 50 most influential women in technology.

Way2Global is proud to announce that among the first Inspiring Fifty in our country, presented as a model and inspiration for young women, was Laura Gori, our founder and CEO, from the first translation company in the world to be born as a Benefit Corporation.

The prize awarded to Laura Gori is likewise a testament to the technological innovation and pioneering spirit that our CEO has imbued Way2Global with: a kind of permanent experimental laboratory, translating into continual R&D into technology for the localization industry, which today includes AI, machine translation, deep learning, neural networks, and big data.

Laura Gori had this to say about this important accolade: “I believe that technological innovation should be pursued as social innovation, as a lever to optimize — rather than as an afterthought — the enormous potential for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit women have in their hearts and minds. In a world that is increasingly technology-driven, where machines can hone and sharpen themselves, it is important to rethink technology in light of a new kind of humanism, and to interpret it as simply an extension of human potential — an ancillary tool that leaves humans still very much at the center”.


Inspiring Fifty, premiata la Founder & CEO di Way2Global Laura Gori


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