4 September 2019

Best for the World – 2019

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Way2Global has been named a 2019 B Corp “Best for the World” honouree in the Governance category

Way2Global has been named a 2019 “Best for the World” honouree by the B Corp network for the positive impact of its innovative governance structure, which protects and enshrines the company’s mission. A total of 1000 B Corps in 44 countries were eligible for awards, which were classified into eight categories.

The award ranks us in the top 10% of the 3,000 B Corps in the world in terms of governance impact, providing recognition for our distinctive values: a clearly defined company mission, ethics, social responsibility and transparency.

Having already received a 4W rating in the SME Welfare Index, we are delighted to have received further validation of our governance decisions and policies, which have always been an essential part of our business model.

Our vision casts business as a key player in sustainable change,” explains Way2Global Srl SB founder and CEO Laura Gori. “We’ve created company based on a unique, revolutionary model, where social and environmental impact becomes the primary lever of business success. But if the objective is to create economic, social and environmental value and to rise to the great challenges facing humanity, as set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda, where do we start? For me, the answer is a simple one: We start with ourselves and with internal governance policies at our companies.”

Even before we obtained B Corp certification, Way2Global – which was set up with benefit corporation principles at its heart – has always given equal importance to profit and sustainability. We view these as inseparable factors in the pursuit of our vision, of our “promise to the world” and of our mission: to make business a force for the good of the planet.

But in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves – this is why we pay such great attention to governance policies here at Way2Global. Inclusion, participation, fairness, clarity and transparency are the keys to the Way2Global approach and the reasons behind us winning this award.

The Best for the World title is awarded by B Lab, the international non-profit that certifies and supports all registered B Corps – companies working to use business as a force for good.

“The Best for the World honourees,” says Anthea Kelsick, Chief Marketing Officer of B Lab, “are inspiring companies that represent the kinds of business models and impact-driven business strategies that are building a new economy – one that is inclusive, regenerative, and delivers value to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. These forward-thinking companies are redefining capitalism and showing that it actually can work for everyone.

It is a huge honour to receive an award such as this – but it only inspires us to get straight back to work to bring about further collective improvements rather than pausing to celebrate. There is no competition between B Corps, just a shared commitment to reach a common objective: redefinition of the idea of business in order to create a better future. It’s a kind of “world championship” where the participants inspire each other rather than compete – collaborating rather than battling one another. When we’re talking about companies that already adhere to the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, responsibility and balance between profit and impact, all of us are the best for the world.

A passionate pioneer and champion of a sustainable business model which is only recently beginning to be understood and recognised, Way2Global will only truly be a winner when all of the companies in the world sign up to the revolution and embrace what we believe is the only true business model possible.

This is a historic time of change in terms of the preferences and level of awareness among consumers and citizens, who have finally begun to push the balance of supply and demand in the direction of more ethical, sustainable solutions, coupled with the progress made by the Business Roundtable, where the 200 biggest multinationals on the planet agreed on a concrete commitment to give business a more human face (link). In light of these developments, we feel more hopeful than ever. And that in itself is a great triumph.


Best for the World – 2019


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