High-quality Greek translations


We offer clients Greek translations of the highest quality, produced by qualified native-language professionals specializing in a range of sectors and overseen by our experienced, professional project managers for the full duration of the process.

Our Italian-Greek translation service supports the excellent trade relations that have existed between Italy and Greece for years, facilitated by the two countries’ geographical and cultural proximity. Italy has a well-established presence in Greece: Products made in Italy are popular and widespread among the Greek public and there is a strong resurgence of investment in the country due to the ongoing privatization program.

This is why Way2Global has Greek translators who are experts in every field: from legal to financial, fashion, luxury , design and the technical and mechanical industries.


Looking for a Greek interpreter?


It is not easy to find a skilled Greek interpreter: Greek is characterized by complex phonetics, in which letter combinations define the sounds. Our Greek interpreters are experienced in all types of interpreting. Whether you require an interpreter for business negotiation, a trade fair or a conference, our project managers will work with you every step of the way to organize the service and to select the best Greek interpreter for the job at hand.

This is a major advantage that will give your communication the necessary precision to reach the representative.


Greek translation: Interesting facts


Until recently, two languages were spoken in Greece: Demotic Greek, the everyday, popular language, and Katharevousa, a more academic, “pure” version. The latter was the country’s official language until 1976, when it was finally replaced by the popular language. Until then, the linguistic dichotomy to which the Greeks were subjected caused a long dispute over which of the two languages should be recognized as official. The question was finally resolved with the adoption of Demotic Greek.

Although Demotic Greek is a simplified version of the Greek language compared to Katharevousa, which was based on Ancient Greek, Modern Greek remains a challenging language to deal with: the non-Latin alphabet and grammatical complexity are just two of the reasons why it is best to rely on experienced, qualified Greek translators.


Business tips for Greece    


Greeks are very superstitious. Don’t be surprised if during a meeting someone makes the gesture of spitting three times (obviously symbolically, only making the sound): it is intended to ward off bad luck and is used when someone hears some bad news.

Also, if you don’t want your meeting to turn into a tragedy, be absolutely sure to avoid showing the open palm of your hand, as though signalling the number 5. This gesture, known as the “mountza”, is considered a real insult and is even often perceived as a threat, since the Greeks associate it with a curse.


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