French translation is one of our most in-demand services.

French is a very common language, and the only one – aside from English – to be spoken on all five main continents. French is the official language of about 30 countries around the world, as well as institutions such as the European Union, the UN and NATO.

This explains why the demand for French translation services is so high.

Companies that aspire to grow internationally must translate their communication resources and content into French to ensure they have the highest possible potential for growth – not just in Europe, but around the world.

Morocco and Algeria – both located on the Mediterranean – are booming economies experiencing constant growth, representing the perfect gateway to the rest of Africa.

To tap these opportunities, it’s vital that French translations be of the highest standard from both a linguistic and cultural standpoint. And that’s a service that only a professional translation agency like Way2Global can provide, thanks to its three decades of experience in the industry.

French translations: all language variants

At Way2Global, we provide French translations from any language and into any language variant requested. We have a vast network of native-speaker French translators dotted across the globe, thus ensuring that we can provide a translation service that matches the cultural expectations of the target audience – a crucial factor in any business expansion strategy.

In addition to the French spoken in France, we’re often asked for French translations into the Canadian variant and for use in Quebec.

Our French translations cover a range of sectors:

Thanks to our network of native-speaker translators specialized across a range of sectors, we can provide our clients with translations that not only respect the cultural intricacies of each French-speaking location, but also conform to its specific technological requirements.

Why choose us for your French translations?

For over 30 years, Way2Global has been working to enhance its clients’ communication strategies through the medium of translation.

Every client is assigned a dedicated project manager who will oversee the entire process, from quotation to final delivery by setting up and coordinating the teams of translators and linguists who handle the translation, revision and quality control processes.

All of our translations are completed by native French-speaking translators specializing in a range of different fields. All of our recruitment processes adhere to the stringent ISO 17100 standard, in accordance with our certification.

Translations are delivered based on a workflow involving multiple inspection and proofreading stages to ensure both the linguistic and cultural quality of the finished product.

In addition to its high quality, our translation service is also flexible and fast – ensuring we can meet client needs every time.

But there’s one more element that makes our translations unique.

Launched as a Benefit Corporation, Way2Global is bound through its statute to generate a positive impact for its stakeholders, the community and the environment. There’s no better illustration of this commitment than our signature projects, including Green Translations, which is designed to decarbonize our supply chain and contribute to reforestation, and Way2Academy, which supports professional development and the digital transition of young people and women in particular.

Opting for our French translation service means you’re helping to generate a positive impact for both society and the environment.

It’s an efficient, sustainable way to meet your requirements.

Get in touch for a quote or further information!

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