Chinese translation services: every variant covered


Chinese translation services are vital for Italian businesses aiming to operate in the Zhōngguó (literally “Middle Kingdom”), given the inexorable growth of the Chinese economy, the vast scale of the market and the country’s status as the world’s second economic superpower.

Using a professional Chinese translation service allows you to tap into extraordinary opportunities for both professional and personal growth, so it’s no surprise that many companies and private entities are opting to invest in this language specialization.

China has become a key commercial partner for Italy. It’s one of Italy’s 10 biggest export markets, and its status is only set to grow further, as part of the new “Silk Road” initiative between the two countries, within the context of the Belt and Road strategy.

The strategic ties between Italy and China are mainly based on the following sectors:

  • Italian manufacturing and production
  • fashion
  • green technology
  • food and agriculture
  • smart cities
  • aerospace industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • environment and sustainable energy
  • infrastructure and transport

These are just a few examples of the sectors in which the two countries have decided to invest together, combining Italian technological and industrial expertise with the opportunities posed by the exceptional growth underway in China.

The Chinese translation service from Way2Global will help you to find your way in a market as big as a continent, to tap into these unmissable opportunities and to choose between the various dialects of the most widely spoken language in the world to ensure that your business takes off.

Our agency’s vast network includes native-speaker translators who specialize in communicating your business’ message and providing Chinese translation services for every market sector, including legal, financial, fashion and luxury, design, industrial, technical and engineering. We have specialists in every sector ready to provide you with a rapid, accurate Chinese translation service for all your documents and content.

The result will be a Chinese translation of impeccable quality, delivered by experts in language and in a range of different business areas, accompanied with care and professionalism by our project managers, who will follow the entire translation process, from initial consultation to delivery, offering suggestions on the best solutions for oral and written translation.


Chinese interpreting services


We don’t just offer excellence in Chinese translation services though – we also provide a comprehensive interpreting service. It’s no mean feat to find a native-speaker interpreter who is both a highly qualified professional and a specialist in a specific sector: while the written characters in Chinese are the same across the board, there are a number of spoken dialects which must be considered. And that’s before you get to the fact that Chinese is a tonal language. Every syllable can take on a range of different meanings depending on how it is “sung” (in Mandarin, for example, there are four different tones).

If this isn’t enough to convince you that you need to work with a translation and interpreting professional, don’t forget that Chinese doesn’t have an alphabet but uses six different categories of characters:

  • pictograms
  • ideograms
  • associative compounds
  • phonetic compounds
  • mutually explanatory characters
  • phonetic loan characters

Therefore, if you consider that you need to know at least 2,500 characters to read a newspaper, just imagine how many you need to know in order to hold a business conversation or lead commercial negotiations.

Regardless of your requirement:

  • a negotiation
  • a trade fair
  • a convention

And whether the interpreting service you need is:

  • simultaneous
  • consecutive
  • whispered
  • online interpreting

Our specialist interpreters are the right choice and will enable you to overcome all communicative and cultural barriers, ensuring that all parties involved will get the most out of the meeting.

Our project managers will not only assist you in selecting the best-suited interpreter for your needs, but will also be happy to advise you on the most suitable form of interpreting from the various different options in our range.

It equates to real added value that cuts down on time and maximizes results, for a comprehensive, efficient Chinese translation service.

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