Like all sectors, in recent years the language industry has been impacted by technological developments that affect the present and will shape the future of language services. Now we talk about Language Industry 4.0, a sector in which digital transformation and computerization are driving change.

True to its calling as an innovative company, Way2Global has embraced this philosophy of evolution and has committed time, resources and energy to creating increasingly advanced technological solutions to accompany the world of translation into the future.

Machine Translation and neural networks, Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, big data and much more. The biggest challenge is integrating new technologies with human capital, ensuring that the two worlds benefit from collaborative synergy with a view to systematically improving the quality of work.

For Way2Global, technology is a means of bringing about change, innovation and social impact. We envision a participatory revolution that delivers added value both for our company and for our stakeholders, customers and translators. The technology we believe in is one that does not isolate, but rather contributes to bridging the digital divide, creating inclusive communities and ecosystems with advantages and benefits for all.

This is the company culture that motivates Way2Global to be at the forefront of this decisive leap ahead, digital transformation that creates technological and social innovation, defines new business models and contributes to building a different, sustainable future.

A digital and accountable translation agency

Today, in our sector (the language industry), a mature industry valued at $60 billion and consisting of 80% IT and over 200 tools and technologies, Industry 4.0 signifies a plethora of state-of-the-art tools: cognitive AI, deep learning, MT (Machine Translation) and neural networks, Big Data, Corpora and Analytics. It also involves terminology management, Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT), adaptive and augmented translation, content enrichment, crowd translation, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) and, last but not least, Content Management Systems (CMS) and system integration applied to workflow automation.

In this scenario, Way2Global, a young, spirited, innovative spin-off with a high ratio of millennials, and supported by its parent company’s 30 years of experience, is in its element. An exclusive digital globalizer of companies, Way2Global takes customers abroad who want to internationalize, and does so by deploying its entire arsenal of digital skills and resources typical of a digital native startup, a precursor of today’s digital transformation before the term even existed.

In Way2Global’s vision, technology (which today equals digitalization) is a strategic lever for the establishment of new business models, innovative industrial policies and a new work ethos. Our company culture promotes Industry 4.0 as a driver for change, development and social innovation.

The democratization of technologies, the dematerialization of physical assets replaced by a virtual and sharing economy and the decentralization of business models foreshadow a true Copernican revolution, an organizational upheaval in which people and information are the ultimate business asset (data-driven, people-centric).

But we avoid silos. No company is an island. As a B Corp-certified benefit corporation, we believe in integration, inclusion and cohesive companies. This is why we have always loved to build and nurture a community around us made up of employees, customers and partners.

This is why our story is one of Technology Transfer, Open Innovation and Capacity Building, and why we have always been both an incubator and an aggregator of talented individuals, while strongly supporting partnerships and R&D activities with the academic world and centers of research and technological excellence.

The common thread that continuously links all our R&D projects is development of platforms and networks, virtual, augmented and open working environments, and inclusive ecosystems as an IT substrate that promotes partnerships established as communities of translators and stakeholders.

It is no coincidence that, in its role as an ambitious game changer, driver of evolution, and harbinger of transformative and disruptive business models, Way2Global was recognized as an institutional level for driving technological innovation and process digitalization in the language industry when the term “digital transformation” was still a long way off.

“Industry 4.0”, “Digitalization Industry 4.0”, “Digital Restart”, “Digital Strategies for Global Markets”, and “E-commerce” are just some of the most recent recognitions awarded to Way2Global for its digitalization and innovation projects by MISE, the Lombardy Region, UnionCamere and the Milan Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the Industry 4.0 National Plan aimed at fostering the digitalization of SMEs to bring about the fourth industrial revolution.

For Way2Global, IT, AI and digitalization at the time of the fourth industrial revolution are enabling factors for scalability and technological innovation, but also and above all for social innovation that can ensure better working conditions for all workers, thanks to new standards of power, efficiency and simplicity.

Technological and digital innovation as a lever for women’s empowerment

At Way2Global, promoting digital culture means providing people and work teams with new resources and tools that fuel experimentation, innovation and exponential growth.

Our dual identity as a start-up and a female-dominated benefit corporation has led us to spontaneously promote and combine our Language Industry 4.0 project with an inclusive approach to equal opportunity and female empowerment.

We facilitate technology transfer and promote capacity building by creating bridges that enable the predominantly female translator community to use the new frontier of neural network-based translation, and we are also working to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields.

In our vision as a benefit corporation, technological innovation, AI and digital (Machine Translation, deep learning, neural networks and Big Data) are a social impact lever to develop talents, starting with disadvantaged categories, young people and women in particular.

Debunking the dystopian bogeyman feared by those who see technology as a threat, we at Way2Global view it as an extension of the human being, used to enhance and amplify skills and talent.

It is only through a judicious mix of technological skills and exquisitely human qualities such as creativity and imagination that we can maximize the benefits of the momentous revolution sparked by exponential technologies.

Always ready to embrace forward-looking technological innovation, we want to put people first, and continue to work especially to benefit women, helping to fight for a world where gender equality and female empowerment are no longer abstract concepts, but an integral part of everyday life.



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