2 February 2021

What is transcreation?

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Transcreation – or creative translation – refers to a process of translation whose aim is to convert a message from one language to another while maintaining the same meaning, style, tone and context.

In other words, transcreation is Translation 2.0.

It doesn’t stop at simply transposing the original text into another language – there’s a creative element to it, too.

It’s no coincidence that the term itself is a blend of translation and creation!

Transcreation shrugs off the shackles of standard translation to mold and adapt a text more freely and ensure the most effective communication possible in the target market.

In some circumstances, simply conveying a message isn’t enough – sometimes you need to evoke emotion, and that’s where transcreation comes in. It’s about translating a message in such a way that it ensures it has the same emotional impact on people from different cultural contexts.

So when is transcreation the right option? Let’s take a look together.



When is transcreation necessary?


While transcreation is a useful tool when it comes to editorial translation, it becomes absolutely essential in the field of marketing and advertising.

We all know that people don’t buy products or services, but the emotions that those products and services evoke within them – so it’s little surprise that transcreation occupies such an important role in this area.

Transcreation isn’t just limited to these sectors, however. It can be applied to all multimedia content, such as images, videos and podcasts.

The rise of digitalization offers companies a unique chance to expand their audiences, but a strategy that aims to use the same words to communicate with people from different parts of the world is destined to fail.

Once again, the aim here is to make a connection with the person watching your video or listening to your podcast. That’s why simple translation is not enough – and why investing in transcreation to tap into the huge potential created by the internet is a must.


The ideal content for transcreation


The sectors we’ve discussed so far feature a wide range of different types of content – many of which are ideal for transcreation.

We’re talking about brochures, fliers, advertising campaigns and slogans, mottos, promotional videos, podcasts and any type of content associated with the world of marketing, advertising and multimedia communication.

To ensure the success of your product or service promotion, it’s vital that you take care of every tiny detail – starting with the content you’re going to be sharing.

Transcreation is the ideal solution to this requirement. Transcreators use their extensive knowledge of the source language and context to analyze every linguistic and cultural nuance, before ensuring this is incorporated into the translation process.

This doesn’t mean transcreation produces a different message to the original. On the contrary: it allows you to obtain exactly the same message, expressed in the most comprehensible and engaging way possible for the target audience.

The creative aspect of transcreation makes it possible to convey the spirit behind a message – and win people’s hearts.

That’s why creative translation is so important to the success of cross-border communication strategies in multiple languages.


Transcreation requires a combination of skills ranging from language knowledge to an understanding of the cultural context, an ability to translate faithfully and the creativity required to reformulate a message to capture the attention of the target audience.

So where can you find all that?


At Way2Global, we have the solution. Thanks to our team of transcreators, we can to offer a language service of the highest standard, delivering translations that ensure effective communication and guaranteed impact.

Our aim is to offer you our skills and experience to optimize your communication and promote your brand in all the relevant markets, helping to boost your exports and reputation abroad.

For years, we’ve been providing transcreation services to the biggest advertising and communications agencies locally, nationally and internationally, helping to take their communication to the next level – in any language.


Need a transcreation? Get in touch!


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