25 February 2019

Way2Global, triple-quality certified translations

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Since 2019, our historic ISO EN 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications have been enriched with ISO 18587 for the PEMT service

Way2Global’s commitment to guaranteeing top-quality translations for its clients has been enhanced even further. After achieving B Corp Certification, in early 2019 our company services and workflow underwent stringent third-party assessment, resulting in confirmation of impressive triple quality certification: ISO EN 9001 and ISO 17100, historic and fully reconfirmed, along with new ISO 18587:2017 certification.

What guarantees does triple certification provide our customers with?

ISO EN 9001:2015 is the internationally recognized reference standard for quality management for any kind of organization and sector. It measures the effectiveness and efficiency of work processes that generate value and focuses on continuous improvement along with customer satisfaction. Our certification according to this standard, which we have inherited as a Trans-Edit Group spin-off, is now in its 23rd year. Proof of an unprecedented commitment to the localization sector focused on the constant improvement of services, the involvement of all stakeholders, continuous workflow monitoring and meticulous analysis of all changes to the context in which we operate, with the aim of providing the best response to requests from the market.

The ISO17100:2015 standard is the international equivalent of its predecessor EN 15038, limited to Europe, specific to Language Service Providers (LSPs) operating on the multi-lingual localization market. This International Quality Standard focuses in particular on specific phases of the translation process, including pre- and post-production, introducing the concepts and compulsory requirement of “revision” (by a third linguist other than the authors of the source text and the translated target text), along with “review” (by a linguist who is an expert in the sector of competence, on the target text alone), and “proofreading” (check of formal drafts). The Standard also focuses on the role of the Project Manager, in terms of their importance in customer interactions and for flowing post-production feedback back into the process to ensure continuous improvement. ISO 17100 certification is particularly dear to us because through our CEO Laura Gori, we had the honour of being part of the ISO technical committee appointed to draw up the original draft and were one of the first companies to implement it in Europe, in early 2016.

As of 2019, the innovative, pioneering Way2Global mission has expanded even further in the field of certifications with the achievement of ISO 18587:2017 certification for post-editing services of Machine Translation (PEMT). Demand for automatic translation is on the rise, to reduce delivery times and costs. As is the case with digital transformation, deep learning and neural networks, machine translation is increasingly the subject of heated debate between technical pessimists and AI evangelists. In this scenario and armed with its vision of Language Industry 4.0 which promotes technological development at the service of social innovation, Way2Global is one of the first Language Service Providers to offer an ISO 18587 certified PEMT service, guaranteeing maximum quality for its customers in this field too.

Therefore 2019 is off to an excellent start, with triple ISO Certification for Way2Global. Combined with B Corp Certification, this makes for a seamlessly integrated and innovative standardized model, officially guaranteeing the impartial and measurable Quality of our work and attention to customers and stakeholders alike, proof of a company ethos dedicated to continuous improvement and excellence.


Way2Global, traduzioni di Qualità 3 volte certificata


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