29 July 2019

Way2Global in the NeXt Community EyeOnBuy

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The value of our sustainability policies, available on the EyeOnBuy platform

A company is not sustainable if its supply chains aren’t sustainable.” Annalisa Citterio, Sustainability Italian Day 2019

Way2Global, founded with sustainability as a cornerstone of its very own business model, is constantly searching for partners and suppliers who can help us build a 100% sustainable supply chain. This is why we immediately accepted the invitation from the EyeOnBuy platform to upload our  company profile online.

EyeOnBuy Community Impresa Sociale Srl is a non-profit organisation that manages the EyeOnBuy portal, a platform dedicated to private citizens and firms looking to learn more about companies from which they purchase products and services. Its aim is to foster transparent dialogue, especially on commitment to sustainability.

The initiative is a project by NeXt – Nuova Economia per Tutti, an association founded in 2011 that heads a network of organisations, companies and consumers looking to promote a new economic model, one focused on respect for people and the environment, favouring pro-active collaboration between “aware consumers and responsible companies”.

By registering on the free portal www.eyeonbuy.org and filling out the NeXt participatory self-assessment, companies access an internal analysis table that enables them to gauge whether and to what extent their business model is sustainable. The table highlights company behaviours that have a positive impact in social and environmental terms, based on the UN 2030 Agenda Objectives and the 12 BES domains (the equitability and sustainability index), and also identifies any weak points. This enables firms to direct their energies towards improving the most critical areas.

The company self-assessment table, with the sustainability rating and underlying motivations, remains public and available online, to enable firms to transparently disclose and promote their own good practices by creating open, virtuous, inclusive networks in the region, while customers can “vote with their wallet”, expressing participatory and aware choices each time they make a purchase.

In addition to our satisfaction with our rating, at Way2Global we are grateful to NeXt for enabling us to recount our commitment: the day-to-day work, initiatives we propose or take part in, ideas we conceive and the efforts we make in pursuit of achieving them. All ingredients that make us a Benefit Company and a certified B Corp according to the assessment system we believe in and that is the cornerstone of strategies we launch every single day. We are convinced that our contribution towards the good of society and the environment is by no means a stand-alone solution. Rather, it generates important value when combined with the commitment of everyone dedicated to the common good and a better future for everyone.


Way2Global nella Community EyeOnBuy di NeXt


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