23 August 2019

Way2Global for the non-profit social organization Queen of Peace

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As of today, Way2Global will support the cause of Queen of Peace, a non-profit that supports the education of at-risk children.

Way2Global is proud to support the association Queen of Peace and announce to its community of stakeholders the addition of a very special member to the team: Olivia, an African girl we have sponsored, thanks to this non-profit organization.

Olivia is 8 years old, she lives in Burkina Faso and wants to become a doctor when she grows up. Sergio Lorenzini, president of Queen of Peace describes her as a shy, but determined and intelligent girl: “She’s very good at school and I know she has it in her to go far. She deserves to be helped.

Queen of Peace is a social services non-profit that promotes the human, spiritual and professional education of individuals who are disadvantaged or at risk, children in particular. It does so through targeted projects in Italy and developing countries, especially in Burkina Faso. The name refers to peace because in the words of Pope John Paul II, “There is no peace without justice,” and one of the noblest forms of justice is to enable all children to have a dignified life and future, just like the one we imagine for our own children.

This is why Queen of Peace funds programmes that give these children the chance to have daily access to healthy food, drinking water, clothes, a comfortable home, healthcare and an education, enabling them to fulfil themselves and their own dreams, so that they can become autonomous in the future.

At Way2Global, we have always invested in education and in the continuous growth of our employees and collaborators. We are convinced that by far the most fruitful and satisfying investments are those in people and their future. This is why we identify so much with the cause of Queen of Peace, and today we are delighted to have the chance to support and promote it.


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