18 October 2021

Voiceover in corporate video presentations

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Voiceover is among the most requested services by companies wishing to maximize the effectiveness of their corporate video presentations and therefore drive sales of their product or service in international markets.

The explosion of multimedia content has fundamentally changed the means and formats through which companies communicate their values and products or services. While in the past business presentations mainly took place during personal visits to the client, today the preferred tool is video, which enables information to be conveyed more clearly, convincingly and persuasively, and, if properly translated, to reach global customers and markets.

After all, according to a Cisco study, today  YouTube appears to be the most used platform and search engine in the world with 85.3% use by Italians between the ages of 16 and 64, while by the end of 2022 online video content, in all its forms (live, feed posts, stories, streaming, etc.) will account for 82% of all internet traffic.

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It is therefore becoming imperative for companies to urgently adopt an innovative, effective video marketing strategy with international reach. Corporate presentations in video format make it possible to present the company and its services and/or products using techniques such as storytelling, an effective form of communication that captures attention, arouses interest and curiosity, stimulates identification and a desire to buy, and thus emotionally engages potential customers.

This is precisely the purpose of voiceover: to more effectively communicate objective information and data about things like a company’s services or product characteristics, through delivery that is pleasant, engaging, and easy to follow for an international audience that does not speak the original language of the film. Translated and explained in their native language, the presentation is totally accessible, prompting potential customers to want to find out more and therefore get in touch with the company.

Another powerful tool for internationalizing business presentations is bilingual delay dubbing, which slightly differs from voiceover.

Professional voiceover for corporate videos

While voiceover involves replacing the original narrator’s voice with a translation spoken by a professional speaker, which is synchronized with the lip movement of the actor filmed in the scenes, delay dubbing overlays, with a slight delay, the translation audio track on top of the original speech, which also remains audible in the background.

This technique is usually used in cases where the protagonists of the video are not professional actors playing a role, but real people. In corporate videos, for example, people who actually work at the company are often used as endorsers in order to give the company presentation a sense of authenticity, legitimacy and substance.

Company videos can vary in length and type depending on goals and communication needs: presenting the company through the voice of employees, promoting a product through satisfied customer testimonials, showcasing future plans and goals with an institutional board presentation, etc.

Sometimes personal stories interwoven with the company’s own story can also be included in a corporate presentation to express a more human and empathetic image of the organization.

Institutional videos, 3D animations, video interviews, tutorials, and more. There are many different formats used, but voiceover fits each type perfectly.

This technique gives the narrative a touch of authenticity, a feature that helps build empathy and thus engage potential customers. Hearing the original voice in the background makes the communication more authentic and less contrived, which is precisely why this technique is usually applied in interviews and documentaries.

Voiceover is therefore a powerful tool for connecting with people, enabling companies to raise their profile well beyond their target audience and to communicate abroad, driving sales in international markets.

Great professionalism and skill are required to achieve this. In addition to flawlessly translating the content, the professional must also be able to convey the feelings and the same cultural impact conveyed by the original speech. This requires masterful modulation of the voiceover.

It is therefore a very delicate job, making it essential to turn to experienced professionals in the field so that you can obtain a corporate video presentation that adequately promotes your brand and products, even across borders.

Why opt for a professional corporate video presentation?

Today, more than ever before, people are seeking authenticity in companies, as well as a high degree of professionalism, which is why you must pay the utmost attention to how you present yourself to potential customers.

This is even more critical if you intend to expand your business into another market. In this case, you are addressing an audience with a different language and culture so great attention must be paid to the translation of content and communication, as well as to the way in which speech is expressed.

Investing in a voiceover and/or dubbing service is essential for  breaking down language and cultural barriers and ensuring that you convey an appropriate image of your company.

Even to an untrained eye, there is an obvious difference between a professional corporate video presentation and an amateur presentation, so it is crucial to invest the right resources into production of a high-quality product.

Translating the content of a company presentation is no simple matter. Adapting words and content to an audience that reasons in a different language requires considerable interpretative talent, a solid linguistic background, and a deep knowledge of the target culture.

At Way2Global, we have specialized professionals who can perform both voiceover and dubbing services, guaranteeing a flawless translation that enhances the content of any corporate presentation and makes it accessible worldwide.

We are always ready to enhance our customers’ communication and to support them in penetrating new markets. Contact us to request our services!


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