30 September 2019

Translation: the language of Europe and the world

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GEL 2019: a day dedicated to the beauty of languages and the importance of translation

A few days ago, for the European Day of Languages (EDL), Way2Global visited the University of Pisa, which organized, in collaboration with the European Commission, a day to reflect on the importance of multilingualism and translation in Europe.

“For 18 years we have celebrated this day to raise awareness on the issue of languages and the need for multilingualism” – Marcella Bertuccelli

In Europe, which boasts 552 language combinations, multilingualism and tradition are tools that allow us to appreciate the value of linguistic wealth, avoiding the risk that the coexistence of 24 languages in the same region becomes a divisive barrier for nations. (Paolo Mancarella).

“Where would Greta’s message be today if translation did not exist? It would have been confined to Sweden. Or where would our wonderful literature be if it had not been opened up to everyone through intercultural dialogue?” — Marcella Bertuccelli

“We need to emphasize the central importance of translation in Europe: Translation is the language of Europe” — Pietro Umberto Dini

Today, this is not only true in Europe, but also worldwide, elevating translation to a global language. While professionals who work outside the industry perceive translation as a utility, taking the availability of content and information in their own language for granted, for those of us who work with translation it is important not to forget its value and to continue to impart it with our business.

What better occasion than International Translation Day to remember that translating means breaking down walls to build bridges? Translation allows completely different cultures and people not only to coexist while preserving their distinctive characteristics, customs and traditions, but also to understand each other and to communicate in spite of their differences.

George Steiner said that “without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.” Above all, without translation we would have no way of appreciating the most beautiful thing in this world: variety.

Way2Global takes the opportunity to thank all its collaborators, especially translators, who make our work possible and help to build, day after day, those bridges with which we unite the world.


La traduzione - lingua d’Europa e del mondo


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