14 April 2018

Salone del Mobile [Decor Expo] – Milan 2018: Way2Global tells the story of design

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As a translation provider for the industry’s top brands, Way2Global told the story of the 2018 Milan Design Week using the vocabulary of design.

From April 17 through 22, at the Rho exhibition grounds, the 57th annual Salone del Mobile [Home Decor Expo] was held — one of the leading international events in the field of home design and furnishings.

With over 435,000 attendees from nearly 200 countries, and with exhibitors numbering 1,841 and hailing from 33 nations, the Salone presented innovative projects that blended design, technology, and sustainability to catapult home decor into the future.

Against that backdrop, Way2Global was present to document the narration acting as a connection to the 2018 Milan Design Week overall. Using its Instagram profile, the company was able to capture and convey not just the highlights, celebrities, and most intriguing installations, but moreover the words used by creators to tell the story of their designs.

That idea prompted the hashtag #WordsOfMDW, which acted as a treasure trove of the words, slogans, and ideas expressed by the Expo’s presenters, conveying their meaning regarding design and its future development. It was channel for transmitting meaning from this industry — not just through aesthetics, but using the warmth and feeling that only words can convey.


Salone del Mobile – Milano 2018: Way2Global racconta le parole del design


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