9 December 2019

Lombardy enterprises: a breath of fresh air

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The Lombardy Best Practices Prize for Social Responsibility 2019 is awarded by the Lombardy Region to Way2Global and 84 other local enterprises

Milan, 5 December — In Milan’s highest hall, on the 39th floor of Palazzo Lombardia, with breathtaking views of the surrounding cityscape, we received the “Lombardy Best Practices Prize for Social Responsibility 2019” for all six categories: Female Enterprises, Environment, Work-Family Life Reconciliation, Market, Society and Governance.

The award, an initiative by Lombardy Region and Unioncamere (Italian Union of Chambers) was presented by Alessandro Martinzoli to a selection of 85 virtuous enterprises, ranging from macro to micro in size. They have distinguished themselves by their development of sustainability initiatives and investment in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Special recognition was given to female entrepreneurship, which in Lombardy accounts for 19% of all enterprises and is on the rise, especially in new professions. It is a sign of pioneering women who are aware of the need for innovation and are capable of building revolutionary service around it.

25% of the enterprises awarded here today are led by women, despite the fact that running a business is no easy task for women. Of course we have always distinguished ourselves since the war by our ability to roll up our sleeves, and we’ve always done so with a remarkable sensitivity towards society and the planet. My hope is that female enterprises continue to grow and are increasingly encouraged, supported and facilitated, because they have always been an important part of our country’s economy.”

Marialisa Boschetti – President of the Coordination for Lombardy Female Entrepreneurship Committees

Eighty-five Lombardy-based enterprises received the award for their socially responsible actions in a broad swathe of fields. Giants like Danone, Leroy Merlin (IT) and EPSON were present alongside smaller enterprises like Way2Global.

Each in their own way express the true potential for the pursuit of business in a better world, in a more aware and responsible manner. The numbers speak for themselves: These enterprises are proving that investing in sustainability generates a positive impact, socio-environmental and economic value.

Without a doubt we have smog issues in Milan, but what we are experiencing today is truly a breath of fresh air! We thank you for what you are doing with your enterprises, for your positive impact on us and the entire area.”

Alessandro Mattinzoli – Lombardy Region Councillor for Economic Development

The prize is important, especially for small enterprises like Way2Global, the latest confirmation to accelerate our long journey towards a better future, inspiring us to do something more and something better every day, month and year.

It is worth raising public awareness of this initiative, to generate hope, enthusiasm and inspiration among those who remain sceptical of CSR: This is tangible proof of the positive results generated by a healthy new approach to the idea of business.

The “Lombardy Best Practices Award” is a recognition we can truly be proud of, because it shows how, on the market of sustainability, it’s not just the big names that make the difference — we all do: Every single one of us can change the world.

Be proud of what you do, because even though it may seem normal and despite the fact that sustainability is hot on everyone’s lips, it is far from the norm for many people. We hope that, thanks to your invaluable trove of experience, this will soon change!”

Elena Stramentinoli – RAI Journalist


Lombardy enterprises: a breath of fresh air


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