7 February 2019

Laura Gori on CSR, Benefit Corporations and the Way2Global model

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Way2Global CEO and founder Laura Gori speaks to Rossella Sobrero about the company’s Benefit Corporation principles

Way2Global CEO and founder Laura Gori was interviewed by Koinética president Rossella Sobrero this week. The result was a fascinating exchange of ideas, focusing on Way2Global’s commitments as a Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.

In the interview – which can be read in full here – Gori provides a passionate account of the Way2Global mission and worldview, which is centred on promoting communication and comprehension through translation services. The company helps people and organisations overcome linguistic and cultural barriers to create a better, more inclusive, more collaborative world.

This commitment has been at the heart of the company’s mission since Way2Global was set up as a Benefit Corporation, which set in stone its desire to favour environmental and social issues over profit.

The interview also touched on some of the core principles at Way2Global – the central tenets of our Benefit Corporation ethos – including innovation in the language industry, the need to keep organisations cohesive as they grow, projects encompassing research and development, open innovation and technology transfer, and ways to keep stakeholders engaged and the company’s past, present and future activities.


CSR e Società Benefit: Laura Gori intervistata sul modello Way2Global


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