25 December 2018

A forest for Christmas

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Way2Global creates a company forest to slash its carbon footprint

In 2018, Way2Global chose to celebrate Christmas in a way that reflected our beliefs as an organisation. We decided to launch #regalatiunaforesta [give yourself the gift of a forest], planting over 200 trees in Kenya in collaboration with another Benefit Corporation: Treedom.

Way2Global believes that business can be a force for good. We think that alongside the objective of making profit, a company must have a commitment to build a sustainable future for our planet and the society in which we live.

Our company forest – the present we decided to give ourselves and Planet Earth – was made possible thanks to the help of Treedom, another Benefit Corporation which offers people the chance to plant trees around the world through an online platform.

Our Way2Forest in Africa is composed of 203 trees, which are capable of absorbing 141,355 kg of CO2 – that’s enough to neutralise all the carbon dioxide we produce as a business. By cancelling out our carbon footprint, we’re proud to be the first translation company in the world of offer its clients a 100% carbon-free, green and environmentally sustainable translation service.

In addition to macadamia, avocado and leucaena trees, our forest also features dozens of baobab trees. The most powerful trees when it comes to absorbing carbon dioxide, the baobabs have been adopted by our employees, who will keep an eye on them from a distance and follow their growth online. Each tree has an online page, complete with a location and photo, so that it can be looked after virtually throughout its lifespan.

These natural giants have a range of environmental, social and economic benefits: our forest not only represents a tangible contribution to the reforestation of our plant, but the fact that it was planted by local agricultural workers means that it provides them with work and sustenance.

“Everyone at the company is proud and happy with our Christmas gift. It warmed my heart to see all of us adopt a baobab tree – a sacred tree in Africa. We’ve named them and started to care about them and now we’ll able to see our forest in Kenya grow just as Way2Global grows as a company. The most exciting thing is the chance to raise awareness throughout the supply chain and inform our clients that our translations are zero-impact – and therefore constitute a small step towards a greener future that benefits everyone.

Laura Gori, CEO & Founder of Way2Global Srl SB


Una Foresta per Natale


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