11 December 2019


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Way2Global is one of 500 B Corps that have pledged to become Carbon Neutral by 2030

MADRID, 11 December 2019 As of today, Way2Global is one of 500 companies that have publicly pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to stabilise global temperature rises and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 — 20 years earlier than Paris Agreement targets set for 2050.

During the UN Conference on Climate Change – Cop25 in Madrid, these companies, including well-known brands like Patagonia, The Body Shop, Davines, The Guardian, Danone Spain and many others, declared their commitment to setting themselves to zero, in order to save the planet from the looming climate emergency.

This ground-breaking business movement is the vastest at a global level. It is committed to zeroing the carbon footprint and achieving “climate neutrality” by 2030 — tangible proof of true leadership in a time of serious instability and uncertainty, both in terms of climate and the economy.

All these companies are members of the international community of certified B Corps, enterprises that meet the very highest social, environmental, transparency and legal responsibility performance standards. There are more than 3,000 B Corps in the world, located in over 70 countries and operating in 150 industrial sectors. Together, they leverage the impact of their economic activities to tackle the great social and environmental challenges of today’s world, climate change in particular.

This is a particularly significant commitment, and as a Benefit Company and B Corp, we want to be a part of it: “Way2Global from Italy commits to net zero by 2030!”


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