3 February 2020

Way2Global – where “W” also stands for Women

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A female enterprise for women and for the world: Way2Global has always championed gender equality and now contributes toward the début of “Women in Localisation” and “B Women” Italy

Two very important events fall on the same day — an auspicious and significant coincidence. They represent one of the issues closest to the heart of Way2Global. — the value of women’s business, or even better, the value and uniqueness of women in business.

A dual announcement was made on 30 January 2020. It included the creation of the Italian chapter of Women in Localization, an association that represents us as a translation company run by women. Also announced was the inauguration dinner of the Italian B Women movement, the first-ever Milan-based meeting of Benefit Corporation businesswomen belonging to a global network. In just 5 months, this network has already spread to Latin America, the United States and the rest of Europe.

At Way2Global, it is clear that the “W” also stands for Women, as shown by our gutsy start-up, mostly headed by women. The company has always been a key player in the debate on gender equality and activism for equal opportunity. This is especially true within the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda, which inspire our mission and culture as a Benefit Corporation.

Honoured with the title of Inspiring Fifty Italy, received in 2018 together with 50 other virtuous examples of female excellence in business and technological research, the founder and CEO of Way2Global, Laura Gori, has always considered her role and her business achievements to be a privilege and a responsibility toward the women’s community and above all, young women looking for inspirational role models.

Laura has been at the helm of female businesses for the last 30 years. During this time, she has consistently engaged in women’s empowerment policies and procedures. She has implemented innovative measures for CSR (corporate social responsibility) and in support of a better work/life balance, and appointed women to top management and/or to typically male-dominated positions.

Therefore, over the years this commitment to female role modelling converged with her passion for business that makes a social impact. They are embodied by Benefit Corporations, on the one hand, and a fascination with digital technology and AI on the other, which in the localisation industry today means automatic translation based on neural networks.

This triangulation has culminated in the unique business model of Way2Global, a women’s Benefit Corporation which leverages technological innovation to generate social impact. It is grounded in the conviction that AI and digital technology are perfect tools for unleashing the remarkable creative and managerial potential of the female universe.

This is why we are proud that Stella Paris, coordinator of the Italian branch of Women in Localization (WIL), former Head of Language Services at another partner, the socially useful NGO, Translators Without Borders, has chosen Way2Global as the venue for inauguration of the Italian chapter on 26 February.

Women in Localization (WIL) is a non-profit organisation committed to promoting and supporting the global female community of the Language Industry through initiatives and events. It also trains, mentors and coaches women to encourage advancement of their business careers.

We are honoured to host WIL’s début in Italy and embrace it as an opportunity to actively contribute toward networking and the growth of our sector, with the harmonious convergence of WIL’s mission with our very own: “Translations that care”.

Founded in 2008 by Anna N. Schlegel, Silvia Avary-Silveira and Eva Klaudinyova in San Francisco, today Women in Localization is supported by thousands of professionals who operate in the localisation industry. It systematically develops new chapters at a local level to involve and enrich itself over time with new members and communities.

True to our spirit as a business corporation, we adamantly believe in the fundamental importance of the interdependence, networking and energy it unleashes through the union of minds, ideas, perspectives, opinions, possibilities and strengths, especially when it comes to female empowerment. This is why yesterday evening, we participated in the first-ever B Women dinner in Milan, a network of women brought together by the B Corp model which leverages business as a positive force to promote equality and sustainability.

Yesterday evening in Milan was the first of a series of meetings during which Italian B-Business Women will actively contribute to the co-creation of a global network of women committed to building awareness and action on the emergency issues of gender equality and climate change.

Inspired by the vibrant, contagious energy of Laura Giadorou Koch, Chief Engagement Officer of B Women International, a total of 65 individuals were present yesterday, including Laura as our very own spokesperson. They were intent on sharing experiences and knowledge, exchanging opinions, good practices and ideas to leverage the typically female qualities of inclusion, cohesion and resilience to promote and affirm a new way of pursuing business, one in which profit can coexist with common benefit.

The passion and values the B Women share — their willingness to take care of people and the planet, their ability to change perspective, and their love of giving — are all cornerstones for a new, enlightened business. One that is civil, generous and capable of responding to humanity’s biggest challenges and foreshadowing a new economy with a fairer, more human face.


Way2Global – where “W” also stands for Women


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