14 January 2019

Way2Global named Bronze Sponsor of “Translators without Borders”

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In the month dedicated to Benefit Corporations, Way2Global’s partnership with Translators Without Borders is another sign of our commitment to social issues

Way2Global has become a Bronze Sponsor of Translators Without Borders following our Translator Opinion Poll (TOP) project.

During 2018, we devised and ran the TOP Project, which was the first international survey dedicated entirely to the language industry and its main protagonists: translators. It’s a project that’s really close to our hearts, because translators are the driving force behind our business. They are the people that make up our community and the beneficiaries of Way2Global policies encompassing inclusion, welfare and collaboration which go way beyond a standard working relationship.

We worked in partnership with leading industry institutions, such as the Altiero Spinelli School of Interpreting and Translation in Milan, ITIRI in Strasbourg, SSML Maddaloni and the ACTA association, to help the TOP 2018 research team distribute the questionnaire. As part of our support for the initiative, we donated €1 to the US charity Translators Without Borders (TWB) for each survey completed.

Established in 1993, TWB is an American non-profit organisation which provides free linguistic mediation services (translation and interpreting) to other charities working in situations of humanitarian crisis around the world. This work supports international efforts to resolve some of the most critical emergency situations imaginable. In translating over 65 million words, TWB has helped Oxfam, Medicines Sans Frontieres and other humanitarian organisations to provide assistance to groups including Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the victims of hurricanes in the Caribbean and refugees and migrants fleeing their homes in search of refuge in Europe.

Like us, TWB believe in the valuable role played by translation when it comes to overcoming linguistic barriers and making the world a better place. Being able to access information in a language we understand is a basic human right, especially in situations of humanitarian crisis. When people are able to communicate in their own language, they feel more secure, their dignity is restored and the feel more able to control a critical situation. We are therefore honoured to be able to make a small contribution to supporting this noble cause by becoming an official sponsor of TWB for 2019.

This is a new instalment in Way2Global’s efforts to help create a better world. Our Benefit Corporation activities include initiatives designed to help the environment and society: we take good care of our employees, our clients and of the whole community that surrounds us. We hope that these fruitful, beneficial partnerships can be the start of a virtuous cycle that continues to make a difference for years to come.


Way2Global Bronze Sponsor di “Translators Without Borders”


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