2 July 2019

Way2Global, linguistic sponsor of Sustainability Italian Day 2019

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Way2Global interpreting services selected for the Borsa Italiana event dedicated to new frontiers in sustainable investment

Piazza Affari turned green on 2 July: At Palazzo Mezzanotte, the headquarters of Borsa Italiana, the third edition of Sustainability Italian Day, took place. It was a day in which finance and sustainability came together in a partnership, inspiring renewed optimism for the fate of the planet.

Way2Global, a leader in translation for the world of finance and enthusiastic trailblazer of a new sustainable business model, was of course present in its role as linguistic sponsor of the event.

All investors are paying increasing attention to the issue of sustainability, and all companies need to have solutions ready to this effect.”

These were the words of Raffaele Jerusalmi, CEO of Borsa Italiana, who opened a series of roundtable talks dedicated to ESG and sustainability, where speakers representing major Italian and international industrial corporations, including A2A, ENI, SNAM, Hera, ENEL, Allianz, Falck Renewables and institutions such as The World Bank and the United Nations, described the sustainable path they have turned to and are currently implementing.

The purpose of their storytelling is to inspire other companies, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, to move in this direction with economic investments but also and above all with “intellectual energies, which must be continuously deployed to enable a continuous and structured development of sustainability issues” (Valerio Camerano, CEO A2A).

Focus was on climate change for the entire day, one of the latest challenges to the economy, and the financial world’s response to slow it down: green bonds, investments in green projects (Anastasios Xepapadeas, Professor of the Universities of Athens and Bologna and Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences). This is a market characterised by net growth, with increasing expectations of even more impressive results over the next few years (Anthony Miller, Coordinator of the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative). This is also thanks to a greater awareness among investors, who are increasingly asking companies how they are tackling sustainability issues (Gabriele Galateri di Genola, Chairman of Generali).

Today’s costs will bring immense advantages to future generations and therefore it is our duty to continue investing and developing technologies that enable cost reduction (Alessandra Pasini, CFO Snam & Former Chairman Snam Rete Gas). Our consumption and production model is exhausting resources too quickly and is devastating for the planet. This is why it is our objective and responsibility to restore a better environment (Stefano Venier. CEO of Hera).

This is the perception that appears increasingly integrated into current thought, to the extent that in just three years Sustainability Day has rapidly acquired relevance in the financial sector, attracting an increasingly broad audience. Green bonds have become a mainstream product throughout the world and “sustainability trends are no longer abstract aspirations. They are the world around us, they are what is happening, and if you fail to go in this direction, you will be left behind” (Miller).

Way2Global is proud to have been chosen as the official linguistic sponsor of an event that reflects the very essence of our mission, and to have contributed towards creation of value with a highly specialised simultaneous interpreting service. It enabled the audience of guests from all over the world to take part in Sustainability Italian Day and benefit from full involvement and total understanding of technical and complex topics discussed. An important contribution to the financial sector’s inclusive ambition of transcending the limits of geographical borders and undertaking a global-scale collaborative project, centred on sustainable innovation.

On this occasion, Way2Global rose to the challenge once more as an excellent linguistic partner for the economic and financial sector, as well as an enthusiastic international ambassador of a resolution it truly identifies with, visible in its programme and identity: the use of business as a force for doing good.


Way2Global sponsor linguistico di Sustainability Italian Day 2019


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