3 December 2020

Translation of financial statements: another success story

Categoria: Linguistic Services

An important Italian company that provides postal, banking, financial and telecommunications services requested our specialized translation service from Italian into English for its financial documentation, specifically financial statementscorporate governance and Pillar III documents.


The company, which is historically rooted in Italy, chose to turn to Way2Global as a new entrant supplier for specialist translation of its financial documents and statements, specifically a remuneration report, corporate governance report and Pillar III documents.

The project involved translation of documents containing both text and graphics from Italian to English, for publication of financial information and company financial statements on the corporate website.

The customer’s request involved translating a substantial volume of highly complex content, on a contractual timetable, without compromising quality and precision.


The client company requested our specialized services for a set of financial documents and statements totaling 300,000 words for translation and localization from Italian to English.

The translated content also had to be inserted and formatted with the same complex layout of the source financial report, featuring tables, graphs and images.

The customer gave a mandatory deadline of 10 working days for delivery of the project, so that it could be published on the corporate web pages in compliance with a binding schedule.

The customer expressly requested that the delivery schedule be respected without compromising the accuracy and precision of this high-quality financial statement translation.


Both the tight deadline and the volume and type of content for translation immediately made this project challenging.

The key factors were as follows:

  • Collection and organization of all the material provided by the new customer
  • Comparison with past documents and information previously translated and managed by third parties external to our staff and the client company
  • Preparation of a sizeable quantity of diverse, delicate documents within a tight time frame (less than 10 days)
  • Management and coordination of a team of translators, revisers, proofreaders and graphic designers throughout all stages of the work cycle
  • Translation of highly specialized content using financial language officially approved by the customer with reference to the financial statements, corporate governance report and Pillar III disclosure, consistent with the most up-to-date financial terminology, plus localizing content to ensure continuity with previous reports.
  • Incorporation into the translation, in real time, of all the changes and updates made by the customer to the source documents over the course of the project
  • Production of a complete 700-page document integrating the translation and graphic content of the financial statement including the remuneration report, corporate governance report and Pillar III disclosure.

How we faced the project’s challenges and satisfied the customer


Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the field, continuous training and constant updating of all our resources, as well as to an integrated team of project managers, specialized native-speaking translators and senior graphic designers, we know how to guarantee financial translations to high standards of excellence — this is our core business.

Based on the project specifications, we then performed a rigorous, in-depth feasibility study, analyzed the customer’s needs, defined the work cycle and set up a customized team.

A key factor was continuous monitoring of all the sequential stages of translation, revision, proofreading and QA, and checking financial terminology against previous translations.

To support and align the work of native-speaking translators, we prepared an upstream terminology database specific to the financial sector but dedicated to the customer’s in-house terminology, which was integrated into the work platform as an online tool during the various stages of the translation work cycle.

Last but not least, the translated report — including translated and localized texts, tables and graphs — was formatted by a highly specialized team with meticulous attention to detail. The end product complied with the high standards of the financial sector.


The intensive work of intake, feedback, organization, translation, revision, formatting and quality control of this demanding set of financial statements, corporate governance reports and Pillar III disclosure by our integrated project management, translation, QA and graphic design teams enabled us to punctually meet deadlines, finalizing a report translated from Italian to English with 700 pages, over 300,000 words and the extensive graphs and tables typical of financial reports and statements.

A solution designed to the customer’s needs once again proved to be a service that fully met the customer’s expectations.


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