7 January 2019


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Benefit Corporation campaign designed to create a 100% sustainable supply chain

7 January 2019 – Way2Global has launched the #TiVoglioBenefit [#ILoveYouBenefit] campaign on social media, with the aim of creating a network of Benefit Corporation suppliers and companies.

No company is an island: as a B Corp-certified Benefit Corporation, we believe strongly in the value of integration, inclusion and collaboration. As a result of this, one of our business objectives is to build and nourish relationships with a community comprising collaborators, clients and partners who share our vision for the future.

The aim of the campaign is to enrich the network with companies who care about society and the environment and who use their businesses to create a positive impact. We’re talking about a kind of “B Community” made up of Benefit Corporations and B Corp-certified organisations who work together to do good as well as pursuing their business objectives.

#TiVoglioBenefit is an invitation to all companies who have already started down the road towards positive change – a call for them to channel their efforts towards a common goal. We want companies to reflect, take action and urgently promote changes designed to take us towards sustainable development.

“We need to hurry up and transform our companies, because we’ll get nowhere alone.”

Laura Gori, CEO & Founder of Way2Global Srl SB




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