12 December 2018

Christmas at Way2Global: training and organic finger food

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Way2Global’s training session on therapeutic writing ends with a sustainable Christmas lunch

On 12 and 18 December, Way2Global hosted translators and employees alike for a series of training sessions focused around creative and therapeutic writing.

The sessions were led by Piero Babudro, a teacher at the IED in Milan and the University of Udine and an expert in digital communication and storytelling, as well as the author of “Manuale di scrittura digitale creativa e consapevole” [Creative and aware digital writing manual].

The fascinating sessions featured both theory-based lectures and workshops, where the translators – who are well-accustomed to creating polished texts – were able to let themselves be inspired by talking points such as “writing is a way of connecting with ourselves”, “if I get emotional, I get emotional – the writing needs to get under the skin of the author first and foremost” and “the texts you write are part of you”.

In order to end this interesting training initiative on a high, we decided to follow the final session with an ethical Christmas lunch. The lunch was organised in-house, with the help of the ladies from Le Madeleine, a Milanese business which organises sustainable catering. We were able to enjoy a delicious buffet of tasty, healthy, organic and km 0 dishes, all of which perfectly mirrored the values of Way2Global: focusing on sustainability and making a positive impact in order to make our business a force for good!


Natale in Way2Global: tra formazione e bio finger food


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