15 February 2020

A year of #TiVoglioBenefit

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The low-down on our B Campaign for a 100% sustainable supply chain

A year after the launch of the #TiVoglioBenefit, campaign by Way2Global, we can truly be proud of the results we have achieved.

Inspired by an awareness that no business is an island, coupled with the will to promote healthy relations and networking, the #TiVoglioBenefit campaign aimed to forge alliances with a network of suppliers who also share our company values of close attention to the environment and people, to create a 100% sustainable supply chain.

As a certified B Corp and Benefit Company we strongly believe in the value of cooperation, especially where sustainability is concerned. This is why we aspire to create a Benefit system in which companies that believe in the regenerative power of business can provide mutual support for their dual mission of profit and shared value.

Thanks to the #TiVoglioBenefit campaign, we have been able to transform many of our resolutions into concrete results, meaning that now we are part of a small Benefit constellation, thanks to which we feel closer to our inspiring target every single day: creation of a new, salvific model for the economy.

For our power supply we have chosen WeKiwi, a start-up and B Corp colleague with whom as of 2020 we have signed a contract for supplying energy from 100% sustainable sources.

To compensate for our residual emissions, in addition to the reduction achieved thanks to the implementation of green economy and circular economy best practices, we have turned to our partners Treedom and their online platform, which enables the planting of trees all around the world. Cooperation with this B Corp dates back to December 2018 and has led to creation of a Way2Global forest, currently populated by 200 trees of various species and destined to grow, not only to enable us to achieve carbon neutrality, but also to actively contribute toward reforestation  of our planet, as part of our identity project Green Translations.

For our dining room, which provides employees with all they need for their lunch break, we have chosen oil by Fratelli Carli, one of the first B Corps in Italy, which has always respected the planet and people with its selection of natural, delicious and healthy products.

Compostable dishes are provided by Eco-echo, a crucial ally in our plastic-free conversion process that is currently nearing completion. The supply includes plates, glasses, cutlery and coffee cups, which no office can do without. We have chosen Vergnano, the first ever coffee shop to produce and commercialise fully compostable capsules for coffee, which helps both us and the planet.

In addition to B coffee, we have also chosen better water: recycled and refillable bottles by Wami, “water with a mission”: to support projects for development of water systems in parts of the world without running water.

For company lunches or catering events hosted on our premises, we turn to the excellence of La Madeleine, a female, ethical and sustainable banqueting service which provides delicious menus created using organic, short chain and KM0 products, all served in compostable or edible containers and dishes. The company also prevents food waste by donating anything that isn’t consumed, while also supporting work integration projects for disabled youth.

All invaluable travel companions, but we can never do enough to save the planet. #TiVoglioBenefit is an appeal that remains open and calls to those companies who hold society and the environment close their heart, who wish to use their own business to generate a positive impact and who believe in the union of strength for the achievement of a common purpose.

Because our sustainable supply chain is yours too, and together we can really change the world.


A year of #TiVoglioBenefit


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