People are key


People are a key factor in the quality of Way2Global’s service. Our team members’ ongoing training and high level of specialization mean that we can meet any translation or interpreting requirement.

Whether it’s our native-language translators, editors, project managers or desktop publishers, everyone who works with us has an impressive combination of experience and professional skills.

Our selection of internal and external team members is based on a process that strictly adheres to the ISO 9001 standard. Once part of our team, Way2Global employees and collaborators undergo a period of training under the tutelage of senior staff members, after which they continue to benefit from ongoing training and assessment programs designed to ensure individual development and quality services.


Working for a Benefit Corporation


Being a Benefit Corporation means doing business while trying to make a positive contribution to society. We believe that society starts within a company. That’s why Way2Global has always placed the wellbeing of its employees and collaborators at the heart of its approach.

In addition to the option of accessing personalized training programs based on company requirements and individual preferences, Way2Global team members also enjoy a range of benefits designed to improve their quality of life in the workplace. Employees and collaborators are our primary stakeholders — and as such, they are vitally important to us.

As a result, at Way2Global we believe that the success of a company comes down to the happiness of those who work there and those who benefit from the quality of our services.


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