Alongside our core “Made in B-Italy” and “Language Industry 4.0” projects, Green Translations is Way2Global’s initiative to demonstrate how integrating sustainability principles into a business model is not just possible, but is in fact a necessary civic act at this historic time of climate crisis and environmental emergency.

Green Translations is our way of inviting our entire supply chain to get involved, take action and provide a tangible response to the crisis affecting the planet, so that we might bring about an era of regeneration, decarbonisation and reforestation. This innovative translation concept aims to offset all CO2 emissions created as a result of language services.

Green Translations – One word, one leaf” is our way of showing that where there is a will, there is a way. We can transform our business model into one centred on regeneration, ensure that we generate more value than we consume in resources, even in more complex and “unlikely” sectors like our own — translation is an intangible good, and therefore has a low environmental impact by its very nature, after all. All we need is the desire to make it happen.

This desire led us to come up with the idea of a translation service that cares for the environment and raises awareness among clients and suppliers to encourage them to look  at their business as a potential driver of sustainability and energy transition.

Given that the European Union wants to achieve its objective of zero CO2 emissions by 2050, by implementing rules and imposing sanctions on anyone who fails to adapt and adhere to the limits in time, Green Translations can serve as a helping hand for any company involved in the complex task of making the environment a key part of its approach to governance.

Taking part in this unique R&D project will allow companies to take a central role at a new frontier of sustainable development, helping to ensure that the CO2 produced during the language service provision process is entirely offset through a system of best practices based on environmental protection, the circular economy and — last but certainly not least — the planting of trees all over the world.

That’s the essence of Green Translations — translations that care. Not only do they bring the world together through communication, but they also help to promote reforestation and recovery from the effects of harmful gases, thanks to the involvement and input of the whole supply chain. It’s our contribution — and yours — to saving the planet.


We translate words into leaves and good intentions into concrete actions

Green Translations — translations with a positive environmental and social impact — is a far-reaching project designed to tackle the current environmental issues and help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

Faced with this context, Way2Global doesn’t want to stop at measuring its carbon footprint using the metrics provided by the National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), and then taking steps to compensate for its emissions. Instead, we want to take preventative action early on in the process in order to minimise and indeed eliminate emissions.

As such, we’re working to limit in-house emissions by raising awareness among employees and getting them involved in policies and corporate best practices in terms of energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and the circular economy.

But we’re going further than that: In order to make our entire supply chain CO2 neutral, we want to get our community of translators and interpreters involved in our corporate green mission, educating suppliers and providers to encourage them to incorporate good environmental practices into their company sustainability policies.

The jewel in the crown of this green supply chain is our clients, who we include in our plans to reforest the world through a nominal, voluntary donation of 0.25% of the total cost of their service. The client can decide whether or not to accept this when we provide them with their quote. If they do decide to get involved, we take their contribution and combine it with our own resources set aside for planting trees all over the world. In this way, we turn all our stakeholders into active contributors to a good cause for society and a more sustainable world.

By engaging all stakeholders in this initiative, we aim to create a 100% green, sustainable supply chain — something that offers subsequent benefits for the planet, for you and for anyone else who shares it.

We want “Green Translations – One word, one leaf” to be a catalyst toward a sustainable, cohesive future: an agent that leads companies to come together to adopt positive practices and change the world.

It’s no coincidence that the project sees us collaborating with an ENEA spin-off, which allows us to monitor our emissions and measure our carbon footprint, and our fellow benefit corporationTreedom, an online platform that allows you to plant trees and monitor their progress remotely. It means that our (your) trees are planted by local people all over the planet, helping to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits.

“Green Translations – One word, one leaf” is a small step we can take together toward a better future for all.


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