One of our trademark projects, Green Translations, represents our commitment to generating a positive impact on the environment.

We believe that any company can integrate sustainability principles into a business model, even those in more complex and less “obvious” sectors like ours, which is a low-impact service industry.

Our desire to do our part in the fight against climate change led us to come up with the idea of a translation service that could take care of the environment, and raise awareness among clients and suppliers to encourage them to look at their business as a potential driver of sustainability and energy transition.

Green Translations is our way of inviting our entire supply chain to get involved, take action and provide a tangible response to the crisis affecting the planet, in order to usher in an era of regeneration, decarbonisation and reforestation.

We don’t just want to bring the world together through our translations – we also want to respect it, replant it and restore it after the damage caused by harmful emissions, thus helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda.

This is the core objective of the project: to provide translations with a positive social and environmental impact. It’s our contribution – and yours – to saving the planet.

A 100% green supply chain

The project is the result of a partnership with our fellow Benefit Corporation Treedom, while we are also collaborating with an ENEA (National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) spin-off, allowing us to monitor our emissions and measure our carbon footprint.

Determined to provide a completely sustainable translation service, Way2Global was unwilling to stop at simply measuring its carbon footprint and then taking steps to compensate for its emissions. Instead, we wanted to take preventive action early in the process to minimize and possibly eliminate emissions.

As such, we set about improving the environmental sustainability of our supply chain by limiting in-house emissions, raising awareness among employees and getting them involved in policies and corporate best practices for energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and the circular economy.

We then looked beyond our company’s own backyard and began to get our community of translators and interpreters involved in our corporate green mission, in addition to educating suppliers and providers to encourage them to combine their own good environmental practices with the Way2Global sustainability policy.

And last but not least, we decided to bring our clients into our grand plan too.

A translation service that does the planet good

Thanks to our collaboration with Treedom, an online platform that allows you to plant trees and monitor their progress remotely using geolocalization technology, we revolutionized our translation service by building in a feature that would make a tangible contribution to protecting the environment.

Our original strategy for getting our clients involved in our initiative was to invite them to make a symbolic donation of 0.25% of the total cost of their service, to be used for planting new trees.

However, the arrival of COVID-19 saw us decide not to ask anything of our clients, who were already dealing with the impact of the pandemic. Instead, we decided to gift our own trees to our clients, to make them feel like an important part of our commitment to the environment and society.

Trees planted through the online Treedom platform are given to local people in countries in Africa and South America, generating positive effects for the local communities and economy.

Through Green Translations, we’ve also signed up to Race to Zero, the United Nations’ decarbonization campaign for non-governmental bodies and any companies wishing to do their part toward a more sustainable world.

And thanks to the project, we reached carbon neutrality on 22 April 2020, Earth Day – a fitting coincidence, and one that came 30 years before the Paris Accord’s European objective of 2050.

As such, anyone who uses our translation service knows that they are contributing to environmental sustainability and to building a better world for us all.

“Green Translations – One word, one leaf” is a small step we can take together toward a more sustainable future.


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