Translation in the IT and telecommunications sector, often referred to collectively as ICT, for Information and Communications Technology, is a broad, complex field that requires a professional approach.

In IT and telecommunications, translation services are more commonly known as software localization services and often refer to translation of software and apps. That could mean anything from error messages, screen displays, online guides, manuals and technical guidelines to the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) underpinning products.

The immense variety of IT and telecommunications technology and its ubiquity in so many different fields means it is vital that translations in the IT and telecommunications sector be entrusted to expert linguists who specialize in ICT.

A wide range of texts and documents fall under the category of IT and telecommunications:

  • Technical manuals and guides
  • Software, websites, digital commerce and digital banking, including user interfaces, forms, error messages, warnings, pop-ups and code
  • ERP systems for corporate-level resource planning, such as networking and office automation
  • Apps for Android or iOS mobile devices
  • Video games
  • Telecommunications and network services
  • Audio/video systems
  • Multimedia systems
  • Consumer electronics and associated parts such as cables and conductors, fiber optics and lasers
  • Nanotechnology
  • Generators, UPS and electric tools
  • Metrology and numerical control machinery
  • Automation systems for buildings, such as video surveillance and HVAC
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cyber security
  • Press releases, technical specifications, brochures, white papers

It takes ample knowledge and extensive technical and linguistic skill to translate documentation in all these fields and applications for the IT and telecommunications industry.

Our translation agency has a large network of translators, linguists and consultants — because that’s the only way to guarantee the integrated expertise necessary to ensure that clients from the IT and telecommunications sector receive truly comprehensive translation service.

  • Qualified translators in all language pairs and areas of application
  • Native-language consultants specializing in IT translation, with technical expertise accrued through professional experience in their field
  • Transcreators available when a more creative style is required, such as in video game reviews
  • Technical and IT-specialist translators for translating and localizing code, video games, software and apps, as well as for the testing and engineering phases within a co-design approach with the client
  • Editors and copywriters to perfect the tone of articles and press releases, traditional and digital marketing, and website localization
  • SEO professionals to deliver SEO-oriented localization and ensure that translated pages in any language rank high in global search engines, to optimize indexing, redemption and conversion rates and boost the number of leads, prospects and customers
  • Editors and proofreaders to make multiple checks of translated texts, and ensure impeccable triple-ISO quality standards
  • Dedicated project managers to coordinate and manage the specialist IT translation team, providing oversight of each project from initial consultation to delivery.

For each translation in the IT and telecommunications field, we assemble a custom team of linguists to deliver tailored translation solutions — solutions that respond to all client needs and are compatible with the most advanced online workflow management portals.

We then take this asset and combine it with cutting-edge industry technology and triple ISO certification for an integrated service that has made us the go-to partner for IT and telecommunications translation services for some of the biggest companies in the sector: from IT giants to software houses, telecom providers and the most innovative, hi-tech start-ups around.

Specific skills required in IT and telecommunications translation

Our translations for the IT and telecommunications sector meet the need for an international outlook and flawless localization in a dynamic sector with exponential growth and rapid change.

Another key factor is the importance of terminological precision. The highly specific technical jargon required for translation in IT and telecommunications requires extensive linguistic preparation, ongoing refresher activities and in-depth knowledge of the field of application and the specialist language associated with it.

The IT sector is often associated with English, the lingua franca of the Internet and of international communication in general, since the majority of industry-specific terminology comes from this language. That said, the recent trend toward customizing services for a more engaged user experience, tailored to suit specific, individual needs, means that new terminology and solutions are being created all the time.

An expert translator in the IT and telecommunications sector:

  • Has extensive experience in the sector
  • Is familiar with specific terminology
  • Stays up to date on the latest developments in IT and telecommunications
  • Can judge when a term is universally recognized and doesn’t require translation and when localization is actually needed.

Our translation agency makes these professionals available to clients in IT and telecommunications, backed up by the latest technology, online terminology banks compiled over decades, and continued professional development and refresher courses.

Our IT and telecommunications translation services also benefit from our in-house graphics and desktop publishing (DTP) department, which allows us to handle all multilingual formatting and layout requirements, drawing on high-level expertise and ensuring excellent quality while minimizing time to market and project costs.

Our graphic designers can work with any type of document, format and language — even those that pose the most complex layout challenges such as Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

It’s a service that has become essential to ensuring the quality of our IT and telecommunications translation services. Translating a document into another language modifies the structure of the text, based on the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the source and target languages. And that’s exactly why formatting and layout are so integral to good-quality localization.

The integrated workflow we’ve detailed above allows us to streamline the time and cost involved in IT and telecommunications translation projects, ensuring flawless, comprehensive service.