Energy sector translations: from oil and gas to green energy

Our energy sector translation service responds to the needs of one of the most globalized industries around.

The aim of our agency is to optimise the multilingual communications of industry operators by providing an energy sector translation service to companies in oil and gas, fossil fuels and alternative/sustainable energy sources. We work with players throughout the supply chain:

  • upstream (exploration and production)
  • midstream (transport and storage)
  • downstream (refining, retail and marketing).
  • legal, financial and/or commercial consultancy
  • security and safety
  • quality
  • environmental issues

Energy sector translations often involve confidential content and require professionals to stay up to date with the latest vocabulary and terminology. The industry itself is always evolving – as is the technical vocabulary required for energy sector translations.

That’s why Way2Global has a team of translators, interpreters, specialist linguists, proofreaders and consultants in every language combination. These professionals are energy sector experts who guarantee our clients absolute accuracy in terms of terminology.

The quality of our energy sector translations is guaranteed by triple ISO certification, providing an additional guarantee of excellence and safety – a huge advantage in an industry characterized by massive pressures.

We have an international presence, with correspondent offices around the world and in key oil industry locations such as the UAE, China and the USA. This enables us to provide an energy sector translation services of the highest quality, particularly as regards the oil and gas segment, with expert linguists on the ground for interpreting assignments, translations and consultancy with clients, suppliers and the institutions.

Our certified B Corp status adds further value to our energy sector translations in the world of green energy, which is experiencing exponential growth around the world and shows no signs of letting up. We’re big believers in this new way of producing and distributing energy – and we’re proud to support the main players in the clean energy sector through our services.

By using a highly specialized translation provider that complies with all legislative and regulatory requirements throughout their supply chains, our energy sector partners gain a competitive advantage to help them achieve their global objectives and win contracts, tenders and supply deals around the world.


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